OT CPAP/EDF ResmedViewer App

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OT CPAP/EDF ResmedViewer App

Postby Alfred Scott » Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:29 pm

I don’t know how much more off-topic I can get than this, but here goes...

I’ve been diagnosed with a moderate case of sleep apnea and for about two months I’ve been spending the night with a CPAP machine. When I went in for a followup appointment, I had to take the CPAP machine, and the medical people downloaded data from the machine that gave them a report of what was happening through the night. They could look at charts that showed the breathing pattern and also note the apnea events, now down to about 6 per hour from 20-30 per hour.

I was curious about this and found that my Resmed CPAP machine has an SD memory chip, same as used for many digital cameras. My iMac has a SD card reader, so I took the card in, read all the files and started going through it. I found that the data is stored in .edf files, which stands for European Data Format, a standard for sleep studies and a number of other things and it’s used to create a graphic chart of breathing, snoring, body movements, etc.

So I’m working on a simple Cocoa App for the Mac similar with what I’ve already done to import ShapeFiles, GPX, KML and DXF files. Basically, you just drag the .edf files into the window in the app to see a chart of the data. And like the other things, you can do an OpenClip copy and then paste the chart in PowerCADD. Matt Arnold has the same CPAP machine, and he is also interested in this.

There is an existing Windows app called EDFBrowser which you can find online and download. It’s a free open source app that you can apparently compile for the Mac, but the process is too complicated for me. I would like to be able to compare my app with this.

I would be interested in anyone who might want to be involved in this, and it would be helpful if you could also run EDFBrowser with the same files.

Please let me know if you would be interested. I will be putting the app up on one of my websites as a free download.

Email: alfred dot scott at me dot com
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Re: OT CPAP/EDF ResmedViewer App

Postby patrickm » Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:45 pm

I've got a ResMed machine, too. It sends the data wirelessly to the sleep clinic. I just looked at it, and I do see an SD card slot, which I hadn't noticed before. Interesting... By the way, while looking for the card slot, I opened the little filter cover and man that filter was dirty, probably due to our wildfires. I didn't realize my iMac has an SD card reader, either. I'd be curious to see what the data shows.
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