Tips on Registering at DesignCommunity

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Tips on Registering at DesignCommunity

Postby Kevin » Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:34 pm

Please join us - You are welcome here!

We welcome the participation of all legitimate and responsible people from all around the world at DesignCommunity, one of the premier forums for discussion around design, building, tools, planning, and a broad swath of related issues.

This note is intended to help people who may have run into some kind of glitch or roadblock in the process of registering a new user account for these forums.

Over the years, as DesignCommunity has become a busy place for discussion, we've had to ramp up the security mechanisms against forum spammers. (It's amazing sometimes just how absurdly bad the forum spam can be!)

Most recently, we've changed the new user registration process from a "real-time self-service" approach, to an "apply-and-approve" approach.

We hate to have to do this - when a new user wants to post, we want them to be able to, and approving accounts inherently takes longer - but the ratio of spammer user accounts to real user accounts has been running something like 100 to 1.

The forums have been more active and a lot less spammy since we pulled up the open drawbridge.

So, with things inside the forums better than ever, we'd like to ask for your patience and friendly cooperation with the slower process for new user registration. We really do want to help you join the conversation!

The process of reviewing several hundred new accounts per day to winnow out the legitimate design and building-related forum users is a hands-on human process. It takes time, and it is sadly inevitable that every once in a while we will accidentally, unknowingly, delete the account application for a real user.

We TOTALLY hate doing that!

If days have gone by and you haven't gotten the new account email...

First, of course, check your spam folders and filters. Important messages get caught from time to time by even the best spam guards.

You can help make sure you get important messages from DesignCommunity by putting "" into your email account address book.

If it ever happens to you, that your account seems to be stuck, not getting approved - if it just seems to be taking days and days for your new account to be activated - then please send us a friendly note at "".

We'll look into the situation promptly.

It's okay to apply again, just in case...

And, it doesn't really hurt to apply again just in case - once a day at most, though - especially if you use a real user name and a legitimate domain, so we can tell your real registration apart from the 99% that are spam.

This can also help if the glitch was just an email address typo or something.

If you just have to get your words posted right away...

Another option if you have golden words that have to go up right away, is to register for a user account, and then email your posting text to "". We're happy to post a message for you in that kind of situation, so it doesn't have to wait for any account start-up issues to get worked out.

If the system said your email address was blocked...

If your attempt to register a user account gets rejected by the system with a message that the email is blocked, please know tha this is rarely anything personal. There are several top-level domains providing free email addresses (things like, that bast us with up to 1000 spam accounts a day, at times.

With that volume of spam, sifting out the real accounts (which often don't look all that different, after all) becomes virtually impossible. So we've had to turn off some of those domains, until such a time as they can keep their email accounts somewhat clean.

If your email message is blocked, first try using an email address from a more specialized domain, if you have such an address.

Then, again, if you need help getting registered, please send us a friendly email at "," including your email address, the forum user name you'd like, and a brief description of what happened and what you'd like help to accomplish.

There's really no point in besieging the support staff with angry emails. The despicable flood of spam on the Internet is a huge problem, which we all have to deal with somehow until the big companies and governments get together and decide to finally deal with it in a responsible and transparent way.

We hope this information is helpful. We really do welcome your participation!
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Re: Tips on Registering at DesignCommunity

Postby Kevin via FB » Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:57 pm

New Feature in Beta...

Register instantly with Facebook authentication

Now there's a great option for immediate registration, using your own Facebook account to valid your registration.

To register using Facebook, start by going through the lead-in steps of the normal DesignCommunity registration process...

1) Link on the Register tab on the gray link bar across the top of each DC forum page.

2) On the next page, click on one of the two buttons to sort your age, to meet COPPA requirements for online child safety.

3) On the next page, click on the "I agree to these terms" button for the satisfaction of lawyers everywhere.

4) On the next page, near the top, click on the button saying "Connect with Facebook" to use the new (beta) Facebook-integrated registration option.

And you can also just follow "... or fill out the form below" on that page, to use the standard DesignCommunity registration process, with no Facebook needed.
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Re: Tips on Registering at DesignCommunity

Postby David Owen-FB » Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:47 am

Hey! It really works!
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