ArchWeek Green 2009.0409

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ArchWeek Green 2009.0409

Postby Kevin » Thu Apr 09, 2009 6:31 pm

Dear Designers, Builders, and Friends,

ArchWeek Green, from the editors of the leading architecture magazine online, brings you weekly sustainable design and building news from around our planet.

John Holdren, the White House science adviser, is quoted today in Andrew Revkin's Dot Earth blog at the New York Times. It's general, but pithy...

Without energy there is no economy. Without climate, there is no environment. Without the economy and environment there is no well-being. We've got to get this right as an intersection of problems. Right now, we're getting energy and an economy in ways that are wrecking the climate.

"There are going to be ultimately some difficult debates about how much we need to do and how fast in climate, and over which approaches will be more difficult from an economic standpoint. The president sees this as an integrated set of issues. The economic part and energy part are crucial. But you've got to get climate right, too.

Science Adviser Lays Out Climate and Energy Plans - New York Times, 2009.0409 ... te-energy/

And if you're interested in better ways of building, don't miss the self-mass damper story in the current ArchitectureWeek. It's a pretty amazing innovation, creating the equivalent of a classic tuned-mass damper for tall building seismic resistance, without adding a big additional mass to the structure:

Green and Sustainable Design and Building News This Week
Renewables Fever Sweeps State Legislatures - New York Times, 2009.0408 ... islatures/

Energy Outlook 2050: Lower Carbon, but Not so Renewable - New York Times, 2009.0408 ... renewable/

Storing Carbon in Forests - Nature, 2009.0408 ... 8151a.html

G.M. And Segway Unveil ... Something - New York Times, 2009.0407 ... something/

Of Renewable Energy and Antarctica - New York Times, 2009.0407 ... ntarctica/

Are "Cash-for-Clunkers" Programs Green? - New York Times, 2009.0406 ... ams-green/

Europe Adopts New Rules on Gadget Adapters - New York Times, 2009.0406 ... er-cables/

A List of the Most Wanted, by the E.P.A. - New York Times, 2009.0406

UK Climate Policy Not Up to Scratch, Warns CBI - Guardian Unlimited, 2009.0406 ... ate-change

Empire State Building Plans Environmental Retrofit - New York Times, 2009.0406 ... mpire.html

Making the Most of Sun and Water in Rural India - New York Times, 2009.0406 ... ral-india/

Plants Buy Earth More Time as CO2 Makes Them Grow - The Times (UK), 2009.0405 ... 036529.ece

Ice Bridge Ruptures in Antarctic - BBC News, 2009.0405

With the Car Industry in Trouble, Nissan Rolls Out the Mobile Device - New York Times, 2009.0405 ... f=business

Oregon in Running for Norwegian Car Plant - Oregonian, 2009.0403 ... wegia.html

The Great Biodiesel Shutdown - Independent Digital, 2009.0403 ... -shutdown/

Low-Carbon Fuel Standards Are Unlikely to Reduce Warming - New York Times, 2009.0403 ... e-warming/

Road to Recovery - Nature, 2009.0402 ... 09.31.html

No Time to Retreat - Nature, 2009.0402 ... 09.32.html

Under the Hood with Nissan's Electric Car - Green Tech Media, 2009.0402 ... -5991.html

Multi-Elephant Housing - ArchitectureWeek, 2009.0401
The Copenhagen Zoo's new Elephant House by Foster + Partners
emerges gently from the surrounding park grounds, its two
leaf-patterned glass domes topping walls of pink-hued
concrete. At once playful and serious, transparent and
solid, this modern menagerie provides both high-quality
living conditions for the animals inside and an exciting and
interactive visitor experience.

Self-Mass Damper at Tokyo Swatch - ArchitectureWeek, 2009.0401
The Swatch Group's new flagship structure in Tokyo, the
Nicolas G. Hayek Center, featured in ArchitectureWeek No.
416, is built with an array of innovative elements, ranging
from elevating showrooms and multistory retractable glass
exterior walls to moving floors for reducing seismic forces
induced in the building.

The Cost of Building Green - Reed Construction Data, 2009.0331 ... :14:51:00Z

Report Calls for Shift in Climate Research - Nature, 2009.0326 ... 09.29.html

Carbon Calm - Nature, 2009.0326 ... 09.30.html

Architects Bring Value to Residential Design, Especially in Tough Economic Times - Journal of Commerce, 2009.0401

The Baltimore Green Guide - Urbanite Baltimore, 2009.0401 ... ectionID=4

The Greening of Pittsburgh - New York Times, 2009.0401 ... tt.html?em

The Breakout Facade - EDC, 2009.0401 ... 0000560686

Material Decisions - EDC, 2009.0401 ... 0000560632

The Comparatively Green Urban Jungle - New York Times, 2009.0401 ... an-jungle/

Boston, Other Cities Debate Hybrid Taxis - New York Times, 2009.0401 ... rid-taxis/

Democrats Unveil Climate Bill - New York Times, 2009.0401 ... ?ref=earth

92,000 Acres Sold in Adirondacks, with Protection Pledge - New York Times, 2009.0331 ... ?ref=earth

Climate Change Experts Call on G20 Members to Commit to Action - Guardian Unlimited, 2009.0331 ... ate-change

Talk in Europe: The Efficiency of Buildings, Applicances and Transport - New York Times, 2009.0331 ... transport/

Legislators, Greens, Industry React to Climate Bill - New York Times, 2009.0331 ... mate-bill/

Concrete Is Remixed with Environment in Mind - New York Times, 2009.0331 ... ?ref=earth

Can Academy Shape U.S. Climate Choices? - New York Times, 2009.0331 ... e-choices/

A River Prone to Flooding, and Misunderstanding - New York Times, 2009.0331 ... ?ref=earth

U.S. Seeks to Reduce Emissions from Ships in Coastal Areas - New York Times, 2009.0331 ... ?ref=earth

Portland Neighborhood Tries for Green Certification - OPB News, 2009.0330 ... ification/

Stern Message for G20 Summit - Nature, 2009.0330 ... 9.206.html

Loggers Try to Adapt to Greener Economy - New York Times, 2009.0329 ... ?ref=earth

Among Climate Scientists, a Dispute over "Tipping Points" - New York Times, 2009.0328 ... .html?_r=1

Habitat for Humanity Homes in Portland Aim for Platinum LEED Certification - Oregonian, 2009.0327 ... es_in.html

Do New Bulbs Save Energy If They Don't Work? - New York Times, 2009.0327 ... ?ref=earth

E.P.A. Plans Closer Review of Mountaintop Mining Permits - New York Times, 2009.0324 ... ?ref=earth

The Fight Plan for Clean Air - New York Times, 2009.0324 ... ?ref=earth

People and Places by Nancy Novitski
SANAA in New York, New York - RSP Architects in Minneapolis,
Minnesota - HGA in The Woodlands, Texas - NBBJ in Columbus,
Ohio - The Freelon Group and HOK in Atlanta, Georgia -
Steffian Bradley Architects, with Quinlan & Francis Terry
Architects in London, England, United Kingdom - BCArchitects
in Coral Gables, Florida - Morphosis in Pasadena,

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Aussie Govt. Goes Public-Private on Fiber to Home - CNet News, 2009.0407

T-Mobile to Use Google Android OS for Home Devices - PC World, 2009.0406 ... vices.html

LightWorks V8.0 Released for Rendering - TenLinks, 2009.0403 ... ks_v80.htm

Texas State Senate Bans Vista from Use in Government Agencies - Computer World, 2009.0402 ... ws_ts_head

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