ArchWeek Green 2009.0126

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ArchWeek Green 2009.0126

Postby Kevin » Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:43 pm

Dear Designers, Builders, and Friends,

ArchWeek Green, from the editors of the leading architecture magazine online, brings you weekly sustainable design and building news from around our planet.

Serious projections have shown that climate change will gradually subject the human economy to a wide variety of increasing costs. As increasingly accurate data show how much climate change has already occured over recent decades, one wonders to what degree those small but broadly incurred costs are already impacting profit margins and prosperity.

Clearly the current global economic crisis involves the collapse of highly-leveraged pyramid investments. Obscure beneath the booming and bursting bubbles of economic capital, how much does this economic crisis - and our recovery from it - also rest on deep environmental challenges such as the rising costs due to climate change, and the declining ecosystems services resulting from wide-ranging exhaustion of natural capital?

"Trees in the western United States and Canada are dying more quickly than they used to, but there is no corresponding increase in 'recruitment', or the number of new seedling trees. The mortality rates, which are of the order of 1%, have in many cases doubled in just a couple of decades.

"This subtle trend correlates with climate change in the region, which has warmed by between 0.3 and 0.4 degrees Celsius every decade since the 1970s. The work was based on 76 long-term forest studies, and is published in the journal Science.

"Study co-leader Phillip van Mantgem of the Western Ecological Research Center in Arcata, California explains the mortality increase in financial terms: 'Think of it like a compounded interest rate; the difference between a 1% return and 2% return compounded annually over 50 years will be huge.'"

North American tree deaths accelerate - Nature, 2009.0122 ... 09.45.html

Green and Sustainable Design and Building News This Week
A New Energy Regulator Takes the Helm - New York Times, 2009.0126 ... -the-helm/

UK Looks on from Sidelines at Green Energy Summit - Guardian Unlimited, 2009.0126 ... rgy-summit

Obama Acts to Reverse Bush Climate Moves - Reuters, 2009.0126 ... CL20090126

Old Turbines Get a Second Wind through Remanufacturing - New York Times, 2009.0126 ... facturing/

Clinton Names Climate Envoy - New York Times, 2009.0126 ... ate-envoy/

Inhofe and "Environmental Thuggery" - New York Times, 2009.0126 ... -thuggery/

Analysts Warn Emissions Are Growing - New York Times, 2009.0126 ... e-growing/

A Green-Thinking President Makes His First Move - New York Times, 2009.0125 ... irst-move/

Europe to Ask Wealthy Nations to Adopt Carbon Trading System - New York Times, 2009.0124 ... arbon.html

Green Insurance Products Allow Building Owners to Transfer Risk - Lawyers Weekly, 2009.0123 ... icleid=837

Creative Designers Open Door to Affordable Housing - Columbus Dispatch, 2009.0122 ... ml?sid=101

Old Plutonium Found in Dump - Nature, 2009.0122 ... 09.53.html

Factoring in Fish - Nature, 2009.0122 ... 009.6.html

Vertical Gardens - ArchitectureWeek, 2009.0121
About 15 years ago, I met an uncommon and fascinating
man. His solid reputation as a scientist and researcher
preceded him, a living encyclopedia on plants worldwide -
growing in severe and difficult conditions, deprived of
light in the shadows of tall trees (where, in contrast
to the old saying, there is always something growing),
or deprived of nutrients among rocks... Here was a man
who was familiar with strolling the Amazon forests and
riding under the canopy on a raft.

Smart Buildings for Future Skylines - Center for American Progress, 2009.0119 ... dings.html

'Green' Building Is Bright and Beautiful - New York Times, 2009.0118 ... beautiful/

Green Insurance Products Allow Building Owners to Transfer Risk - Lawyers Weekly, 2009.0123 ... icleid=837

Warming in Antarctica Now Looks Certain - New York Times, 2009.0122 ... ?ref=earth

Platinum on a Shoestring Budget - City Beat, 2009.0121 ... udget.html

Fixing the Tax Problems of Renewable Energy - New York Times, 2009.0121 ... le-energy/

Solar Industry Looks for Light at Tunnel's End - San Jose Mercury News, 2009.0120 ... ck_check=1

Prices Plummet on Carbon Market - Nature, 2009.0120 ... 7365a.html

Secondary Forests Are Worth Saving - Nature, 2009.0120 ... 09.39.html

Antarctic Ice Shelf Set to Collapse Due to Warming - Reuters, 2009.0120 ... 20?sp=true

National Studies Show Green Building as Key Part of America'S Economic Future - Glass On Web, 2009.0120

California Town Gets Green, Earthquake-Safe Town Center - Interior Design, 2009.0120

No Such Thing as Waste Water - World Changing (blog), 2009.0119

Smart Buildings for Future Skylines - Center for American Progress, 2009.0119 ... dings.html

The Future of Eco-Friendly Home Design - Earth911, 2009.0119 ... ing-codes/

Climate Change to Stifle Developing Nations' Growth - New Scientist, 2009.0117 ... rowth.html

Cape Wind Project Clears Important Hurdle - New York Times, 2009.0116 ... ey-hurdle/

Sustainable Architecture Conference in Libya Is Looking for Participants - Green Prophet, 2009.0116 ... nce-libya/

Clearer Skies over Europe as Fog Halved in 30 Years - Guardian Unlimited, 2009.0116 ... matechange

Rising Sea Levels Threaten East Coast - Reuters, 2009.0116 ... ZJ20090116

A Wind Turbine for Every Rooftop? - Green Building Elements, 2009.0116 ... y-rooftop/

Where Warming Hits Hard - Nature, 2009.0115 ... 009.3.html

Las Vegas Affordable Housing Complex Fosters Community, Sustainability, and Colorful Design - AIArchitect, 2009.0115 ... desert.cfm

Glenn Murcutt Gold Medal - ArchitectureWeek, 2009.0114

Pictou Landing Health Center - ArchitectureWeek, 2009.0114

Gulf Oil States Seeking a Lead in Clean Energy - New York Times, 2009.0113 ... ure&st=nyt

First UK Homes Meet German Eco-Standard - Inside Housing, 2009.0108 ... de=6502423

People and Places, by Nancy Novitski
WB Engineers in Boston, Massachusetts - Meltzer/ Mandl
Architects in New York, New York - Kaestle Boos
Associates in Portsmouth, New Hampshire - Karlsberger
in Austin, Texas - Pelli Clarke Pelli in New York, New

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Apple Reports Strong First Quarter - New York Times, 2009.0122 ... apple.html

Decline in PC Orders Leads to Microsoft Layoffs - New York Times, 2009.0122 ... 3soft.html

Autodesk Restructuring Includes 10% Workforce Reduction - TenLinks, 2009.0115 ... kforce.htm

Windows 7: A Sound of Thunder - ZD Net, 2009.0115

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