ArchWeek Green 2009.0106

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ArchWeek Green 2009.0106

Postby Kevin » Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:01 pm

Dear Designers, Builders, and Friends,

ArchWeek Green, from the editors of the leading architecture magazine online, brings you weekly sustainable design and building news from around our planet.

In the words of this commentary in Nature, this would be a good year to "reduce the form of pollution and energy waste that is, arguably, the most easily mitigated" - the pointless light pollution caused by the component of sloppy outdoor lighting that is directed skyward.

"Over the past six decades, professional and amateur astronomers have been pioneering efforts to curb light pollution to protect the viability of their observatories...

"Reducing the number of lights on at night could help conserve energy, protect wildlife and benefit human health.

"Humans are affected too, especially as urban areas expand worldwide. More than two-thirds of the US population and one-fifth of the world's population have lost naked-eye visibility of the Milky Way. This has a subtle cultural impact. Without a direct view of the stars, mankind is cut off from most of the Universe, deprived of any direct sense of its huge scale and our tiny place within it."

Time to turn off the lights - Nature, 2008.1231 ... 7027a.html

Green and Sustainable Design and Building News This Week
Cities Use Creative, Targeted Lending to Speed Energy Projects - New York Times, 2009.0106 ... -projects/

Health Check for Malaysian Architecture - The Star (Malaysia), 2009.0104 ... lifeliving

In Obama's Team, Two Camps on Climate - New York Times, 2009.0103 ... nviro.html

Canada's Forests, Once Huge Help on Greenhouse Gases, Now Contribute to Climate Change - Chicago Tribune, 2009.0102 ... 9661.story

Utilities Offer 'Green' Nuclear Plans to Customers - New York Times, 2009.0101 ... customers/

German Insurance Giant Cites Role of Climate Change in Record Payouts - New York Times, 2008.1231 ... d-payouts/

BrightBuilt Barn - Jetson green, 2008.1230

Air New Zealand Flies on Engine with Jatropha Biofuel Blend - New York Times, 2008.1230 ... uel-blend/

When Lightning Strikes Wind Turbines - New York Times, 2008.1229 ... -turbines/

Just Go Green - Manora Online, 2008.1229 ... =EDITORIAL

Green-Home Backers Hope to Be in the Black - Columbian, 2008.1229 ... /712299983

Green Light - Baltimore Sun, 2008.1228 ... 2075.story

No Furnaces but Heat Aplenty in 'Passive Houses' - New York Times, 2008.1227 ... 1230526800

Architecting for Green Computing - InfoQ, 2008.1227
http://- abuse alert ... -Computing

Changing Climate Devastates UK Species - Independent Digital, 2008.1227 ... 12416.html

Building Green - Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2008.1226 ... 14/162674/

Lower Fuel and Home Prices Stall Green Building - Associated Press, 2008.1226 ... AD95ALD480

Agencies' Report Warns of Faster Climate Change - Los Angeles Times, 2008.1226 ... 1630.story

Before the Levees Break: A Plan to Save the Netherlands - Wired, 2008.1226 ... utch_delta

Urban President, Suburban Promise - Forbes, 2008.1224 ... coach.html

An Energy Solution in the (Compressed) Air? - New York Times, 2008.1223 ... essed-air/

Prius: Ita[euro](TM)S Not Just a Car, Ita[euro](TM)S an Emergency Generator - New York Times, 2008.1223 ... generator/

California Utilities Commission Approves Disputed Power Line - New York Times, 2008.1219 ... ower-line/

Green Battery Startup Starts Small - New York Times, 2008.1219 ... rts-small/

What We've Learned in 2008 - Nature, 2008.1218 ... 8.142.html

People and Places, by Nancy Novitski
JCJ Architecture in Boston, Massachusetts - Ann Beha
Architects, with JMZ Architects and Planners in Glens Falls,
New York - Foster + Partners in Astana, Kazakhstan - SHW
Group in Flint, Michigan - Diamond and Schmitt Architects in
Toronto, Canada - Raw Design in Kitchener, Canada...

Press Release - Mannington Commercial Seeking Future Design Talent ... lease.html

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Apple's Jobs Being Treated for 'Hormone Imbalance'; Will Remain at Helm - ZDNet, 2009.0105

Is the iPod Touch Driving App Store Sales, or Is It the Other Way Around? - Industry Standard, 2008.1229 ... it-reverse

Siemens Ships Femap V10 - TenLinks, 2008.1218 ... emap10.htm

U.K., U.S. Interest in Sustainable Architecture Growing - Cadalyst, 2008.1217 ... oryId=6789

Oce Outlines Key Considerations for Printing Complex Design and Construction Documents - Market Watch, 2008.1204 ... aspx?guid={E2D5AB78-FBEA-4E79-96B4-428536422400}

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Postby Antisthenes » Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:59 pm

awesome and consistent as always Kevin, props!
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Postby Kevin » Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:27 pm

Hey, thanks! :-)

Always good to catch your postings around here, too.
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