Brick on yer Head

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Brick on yer Head

Postby Guest » Thu Dec 17, 2009 11:59 am

I've never really looked at this topic before, but noticed it was asking for war stories. so here's a short one.

My brother used to be a self employed demolition contractor and when I was 16 I asked him if he had any work as I wanted a bit of cash as pocket money, of course he's my brother and was obliged to say yes.

so next day he kitted me out with my steel toe caps and hard hat and we went to work, somewhere near rugely if I remember right? the job was to manually demolish a large portion of a grade 2 listed building, he gave me my job for the day and it was carting floor boards and various other timbers they had removed previously and left inside the building outside of the building.

I merrily started the work completely oblivious to what everyone else's jobs were, as most 16 year olds would be. I had been carrying large timbers out of the front door and placing them in a heap ready for burning, on roughly my 3rd or 4th trip I had just come out of the door and felt something flick the back of my hard hat which was followed by a fairly heft thud behind me, curious I turned around to spot a brick embedded in the ground looked up to see my brother grinning at me. He said "Well I would have shouted you but I was a bit worried you might stop and look up, so I took my chances and let you keep walking, and it worked), He had been taking the chimeney to pieces brick by brick and letting them slide down the roof, I'm sure theres some health and safety implications somewhere there that have been missed!

The rest of the week was also quite eventful, I had a wall collapse on me while cleaning bricks and the machine driver of the grabber thought it would be funny to try and cherry pick my hard hat off my head while i was again dressing bricks (a very enlightning job) which near resulted in knocking me unconcious.

All in all demo was a fairly good experience and I've had all the life threatning scares I can cope with, I now own my own Architectural Design Consultancy and only ever go on demo sites to bark orders lol.

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