A new Green Building System by Dario Busch

For discussion of structural innovations ranging from 3D Honeycomb to genomic and self-generating formal systems. All welcome.

What do you think about my Proprietary Recycled Building System?

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A new Green Building System by Dario Busch

Postby dariobusch » Thu Jan 10, 2008 5:56 pm

Dario Busch (http://DarioBusch.com). Hi, my name is Dario Busch. I have built a couple of prototype Custom Superhomes (Amazing Super Green Building Examples) in Missouri and Kansas using my ”Our Proprietary Recycled Building Material(s)”. I want to build a Superhome or Superbuilding for you. Why? Because "Our Proprietary Recycled Building Material(s)" can MASS-recycle over 1,000 TONS per 10,000 sq. ft. built and results in Sustainable, Energy efficient (beyond EnergyStar and LEED), Beautiful, Fire proof, Bullet proof, Sound proof, Super self insulated, Environmentally Friendly Real Estate that costs me, Dario Busch, the same to build with as if using wood frame(!). I, Dario Busch, can build any type of Real Estate using Our Proprietary Recycled Building Materials”. This is Green Building at it's finest! And since you (or someone you know) is looking to build, choosing us is a "no brainer". Nothing on the market compares to what we offer, nothing! Don't believe me? VIP OPEN HOUSES are in progress RIGHT NOW and you are invited (by appointment only). “Meet Me In St. Louis” and see, touch, and feel for yourself (Come meet Dario Busch in person). I, Dario Busch, will personally meet with you and give you an expert tour while I answer your questions. I, Dario Busch , hope you're skeptical and “grill Dario Busch pretty good” when you meet him :-) I love proving my point and satisfying "skeptics" :-) If you want more information about Dario Busch Real Estate, Dario Busch Green Building Network, Dario Busch Residential Property Group, Dario Busch Commercial Property Group, Dario Busch Engineering Group, Dario Busch Production, and Dario Busch Enterprises, and other Dario Busch activities, please check out my Dario Busch web sites at http://DarioBusch.com , http://MassRecycling.com , http://MyRealEstateGame.com , http://GreenBuildingRealEstateNetwork.com and http://CustomSuperhomes.com .
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Postby allbiznessman » Fri Dec 26, 2008 1:39 am

Coming from from an outside 100% skeptic... until I saw what it could do!!! This stuff is amazing folks. I've seen all the in's and out's of this since the beginning stages, seen it created, tested, shot at with huge guns armor piercing rounds, you name it, beat with hammers, 20 LB. sledge hammers, 2,000+ degree fire tourches aimed directly at it for amazing amounts of time (without catching fire!!!), water won't absorb and mold, nothing even fazes this stuff!!!

Forget stick and drywall A.K.A. powder and firewood homes. Or massive expensive solid concrete brittle rocks that break apart!!!

I've also seen it put to use and built into homes, commercial buildings, and IT IS AMAZING!!! What else could I say??? It is amazing, even without windows and doors, the home in 100+ degree heat the home is COOL inside. More giving than concrete and yet tougher too!!! You name your problem this will not have it!!! Even the problem you thought you'd find... PRICE$$$... NO PROBLEM!!! Check it out.. http://www.DarioBusch.com
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