The New Structural Gate To Space

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The New Structural Gate To Space

Postby usarender » Sun Sep 16, 2007 2:48 pm

We have developed a proprietary design to solve a challenge and allow every man to access the sky, at an affordable cost.

It will enable the cities in the sky of the future. It is a future transportation system. It is a Gateway to the Sky.

It will enable us to study new structural support systems in space, and means to design structures and buildings in space using the momentum of bodies of mass in motion to support structures in space.

This new Gateway is a heavenly multi-colored brilliant structure suspended in the air.

It will be the new portal for humanity to enter space on a daily basis.

We will be able to carry our cargo, the soil and seeds to grow in distant space colonies and will enable us to substitute the space shuttle.

It will be much more economical for NASA to develop, will not require massive amounts of fuel to thrust steel into space, and is a more sensible, more economically viable and easily attainable way for every man to access space. It can be produced on a mass industrial scale, allowing for various "Gateways to the Sky" in multiple countries around the world. It will occupy a small area of actual physical soil, and will not require complex building permits to be erected into space. It will allow for the new cities in space.

It will be supported by a global ring, and will also be created by a series of interconnected arch shapes,with these being supported also by the central shaft, ring and secondary balloons. There will be a central vertical shaft supported by global ring. The balloons will be re-filled with central helium producing machines at various levels. This helium will eventually be substituted for new advanced gases that are non combustible.

The central shaft will be fixed at the ground and go vertically up. The lateral access shoots will follow the path of an arch, with intersecting arches as described further below.

The lateral arched access portals will remain in place. They will provide access to outer space. The central shaft is connected to the ground and to the celestial earth ring.

The central shafts will make use of pressure differentials to pull the elevators up to the top. This pressure differential can also be used at the top, as a propulsion system. The pressure can be sucked up to the top from the bottom. When reaching the top in compression chambers, it generates the thrust for propulsion. This thrust can also be complemented with small jet engines, that power the horizontal transportation systems that will be interconnected out in space.

They will be so to speak floating suspended cities that support the access tower. They will be lighter in weight, and will be placed in space in seasons of low storm activity in areas such as Arizona. They can be maintained in the air for prolonged periods of time, in desert areas, during very stable seasons with no storms.

People will always be able to ascend or descent from the cities in the sky, as there will be multiple access portals in different locations, that are interconnected.

They will glow in the dark also to avoid collisions of airplanes. They will be made also of synthetic plastic type components and the entire structure will be cheaper and quicker to produce.

The central access will be for heavy loads and the arch multi-colored access gates will be for human access, by the means of light-weight cable hoisted elevators. The arch structures will be made of synthetic materials and be light in weight. They will be rectangular in section.

The entire arch structures are allowed to be flexible, so they can oscillate in the winds as needed, and the balloons can also oscillate in position and height, to allow for movement of the arches.

The central tower will be fixed on the ground and fixed at the top, connected to the space rings. The tops of the arches will be fixed also, so the arch structures can sway in the middle sections. but are fixed on the ground and at the top, allowing people to enter and exit at fixed points.

THE ARCH AS THE OPTIMAL STRUCTURAL FORM for the new Gateway to the Sky!

Now we can see the arch shape will be an optimal design, as the arch can be maintained stable when suspended, without horizontal movement. So we can create portals that have two ends on the ground and at the top of the arch meet at the docking stations. By intersection two arches at 90 degrees, we will get a more stable structure that will not balance in the wind, and multiple access points.

The arches will be supported by the balloons distributed along the path. The central elevator will be supported by a global ring, to be constructed of multiple steel cables. The global ring will function as a structural support for the high speed horizontal transportation system in space. The ring will be supported by the orbit of the large satellite bodies, attached to the central ring with cables at intervals as illustrated. These can be large heavy satellite or communications equipment in some positions, and some of the globes can be liquid. Thus, orbiting bodies can be substituted for large globes of water. The water can be produced in space, by elevating materials into space to fabricate the water. The large orbiting satellite bodies will be all attached to the ring, and be on sliding cables. The eccentric momentum produced by their bodies will hold the ring in space. They will be moving at a good speed, perhaps 80-100 KM/Hr in relation to the rings. This will enable the ring to float in space to carry heavy loads and vertically hoist objects into space. The rings can fluctuate some in vertical position, depending on the load. The loads will be equal and distributed at opposite ends of the ring, in a way to maintain the rings in a stable position. The rings can be made with multiple rows of high strength steel cables. They can be reinforced in sections, to allow the introductions of space structures in zones. The horizontal rings will harbor cities, with chambers divided into sections, so that if a section is taken out by a natural disaster, the chamber can be replaced. The rings will be double or triple, in the event one ring is removed, the other will still support the entire structure. The rings will be separated by a distance greater then the largest heavenly earth bound object, providing double security in the event of a collision with a meteor. There are more orbiting large mass bodies then needed to support the weight, so if some orbiting bodies or one of the rings is removed by an accident, the other multiple rings and orbiting bodies will guarantee the stability of the structure. The space between the rings will be enclosed by plastic materials in chambers filled with oxygen. These chambers can be replaced as needed. The horizontal transportation system will travel along these rings as well. The rings will remain in space permanently and can be maintained when needed. The orbiting objects will be placed in space with small rockets that maintain vertical and horizontal thrusters. The orbits of the large bodies will be used to generate all the electricity needed for the space stations and transportation system, as well as the vertical hoist systems and all the support equipment.

The balloons will be able to access high altitudes, but some distance missing from the space ring. So the central shaft will hoist people and equipment the remaining distance between the highest altitude the balloons reach, and the space ring, which remains in space year round.

The balloons will also be used to maintain and repair both the central shaft and the arched shoots, when needed. They will be also used to remove people from the shoots, in the event of emergencies. They will carry the people over to the central shoot, where they can be quickly lifted or brought back down to earth.

Space craft can also carry people to other earth locations and between the access portals.

By horizontally connecting these access points, we have a new terrestrial mass transportation system ! People will be able to travel fast, cheaply and reach for the stars!

The docking stations will be connected to space labs, to further space located docking stations, and these will enable multiple exchange routes. Information will flow through space with our new data transmission system. The docking stations will harbor small shops, small laboratories and and act as re-supply stations.

This central shaft will also continue out into space and connect with space stations. It will carry passengers at high speed out into space to reach space stations and areas that are adequately climate controlled. It will be, so to speak, a high speed shoot or a celestial umbilical cord. These umbilical cords and vertical stations will be connected to space stations, and these in turn, will be connected to other vertical access shafts, and allow people to travel horizontally at high speeds, between the access shafts, in the same type of "umbilical cords", except these will be horizontal and follow a curvilinear path in-line with the curvature of the earth. There can be light-weight plastic component seats inside the horizontal shoots, and can also have enclosed capsules, with all the comfort of travel. The shoots can be vacuums, to create no air resistance. They can be divided into chambers. They can exist inside larger shoots, that have air in them. This way, if a passenger needs to stop, the zone he is in can be isolated, filled with air, and he can await in the parallel chambers, until he proceeds in his journey. There can be rest stops along the way, along the horizontal travel chambers in space. These will allow people to travel at very high speeds, to reach other earth coordinates and other space stations, and then either proceed to space, or return to earth at other global locations.

This project is technically feasible, economically viable, and will be realized in a VERY SHORT TIME at a fraction of the cost of an actual tower. (By the way, our project Liquid Universe is not about asking for money).

Just imagine these colossal vertical access systems existing all over the globe. They would will be seen for thousands of miles and will be the biggest outdoor banner ever seen on planet earth. They will be multi-colored and provide millions with fantastic light and laser shows. They will be used to promote a hundred thousand dreams.

Those who join in this global effort and work together, with our support, will be the new billionaires of the future. This is no small joke.

This gateway to the sky will become real and it will enable man to explore space in a way never before possible. It will enable multiple space stations at intervals, so man can travel large distances in space through the "umbilical cords". It will allow for docking stations, where the space-ships carry people around and back to the central areas to return to earth.

They carry the power to make the space shuttle obsolete ! Put a big X across the image of the space shuttle then if you wish.

The spaceships will make use of the magnetic system to bounce themselves around planets and gain speed as they travel to remote locations, riding on the waves of magnetic propulsion and the synergy developed by bouncing off larger bodies, using the gravitational field to accelerate and then shift their course into the galaxy.

Their internal engines, by making use of gravitational cancellation possible by the intense magnetic field, will be able to levitate and invert their internal fields at will, to flow on the waves of gravitational attraction and bounce off the positive and negative poles of planets, to follow their sinuous path over the surface of bodies. They distort our compasses and antiquated equipments by their strong magnetic field. This alien technology is actually within the reach of mankind. We are being observed and are now observing the change.

Man, fearful and wonderfully made, creates a new liquid galaxy of energy and momentum, where the technology of change brings a new universe to our door step !

We have only just began. Thousands of new structural developments to follow !

Those who join with us to develop this will be the new billionaires of the future ! This is no small joke ! If someone tries to develop it without our help, they will be violating intellectual property, will not have the power of global connectivity.

It can already be seen on international news, so to speak. It can and will happen. This will be one of the most fantastic bridges the world has ever seen. We would like to work with serious partners, to help us develop this. Together, as a Liquid Universe Project, we guarantee the exclusive right to intellectual property of these ideas and others we are developing. As PC has demonstrated, by working for a project here for 10 years, once ideas are published, they become an issue of intellectual property. These are ideas, systems, and demonstrate the power of global connectivity. They are not promoting one company, but call for global action and participation.

Ideas that are not absurd, they are easily realizable. Together we can bring it to happen, here and now.

Soon we will reach for the stars.

We are here to help you build your dream.

The power of global cooperation.

Welcome to the journey !

There are images posted here in this subject, on this project. If the images are not appearing in your browser, please visit this site to see the diagrams --->> (Click on the text below)

The Gateway to the Sky
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I am astounded !!

Postby usarender » Mon Sep 17, 2007 3:00 pm

P.C. just shocked me, by referring to a technology which is astoundingly similar and I had no knowledge of!!!

Thanks a million for telling me about it, P.C.

The technology you referred to -->>

Is actually amazing, as I had no contact with this, or idea of it, when I conceived of the space ring system !

According to this site -->>

The LiftPort Space Elevator
What is a space elevator?

""A Space Elevator, or more specifically the LiftPort Space Elevator, will consist of a ribbon made of a very strong and very light material, carbon nanotubes, anchored to the Earth's surface at the LiftPort Station with the other end reaching into space. By making the ribbon long enough, and attaching a small satellite as counterweight, the Earth's rotation will provide enough centrifugal effect to overcome the pull of gravity and keep the ribbon taut. The LiftPort Space Elevator will then provide a permanent bridge between earth and space. Elevator cars will be robotic "lifters" which will climb the ribbon to deliver cargo and eventually people to orbit or beyond.""

At first glance, I believed they were copying my idea. But how could they copy my idea so fast, I thought, if I just posted it yesterday? In reality, their idea is almost the same as mine. Many aspects of the technology are the same. Many ingredients are missing, however. There is one major difference also. Their system is held by being connected to the ground. Mine is not. Their system will not be able to lift heavy weights as easily and could fall to the earth. My system is able to lift very large weights from space, with no support from the ground !

Further my system provides for

1. Replacing satellites.
2. Will function as a global communication system. All the satellites can be receiving and sending simultaneous data to each other, and to the earth.
3. Functions as the new internet information channel and information sending platform. The information can be sent down to the earth using our new proprietary technology that does not depend on satellites and does not depend on the internet as we know it. It will function based on the new internet and operating with the new computer systems we have developed.
4. Functions as a global transportation system to multiple earth points.
5. Functions as a continuous space station.
6. Functions as a pad for solar collectors.
7. Generators producing energy extracted from the centrifugal rotation of the large orbiting bodies. The orbiting bodies also can make use of solar winds and solar collectors also to generate some of their own thrust.
8. A vertical lift mechanism.
9. Functions as a model for space stationed cities and generators.

It is curious, though, to see a big team of inventors for years working on something I created in a few minutes, with no knowledge of their ideas. They are a group of 4 companies, who are together working for years to develop ideas I come up with in a few minutes and developed in an hour or just a few hours, to do the diagrams etc.

Now, your comments, p.c. on the topic on "Concept in Architecture"-->>

"" There are various good resons to look closer to the space lift ; many problems to solve there already such like , that it is not enough to just "lift" something up in the skies , satelites only stay there becaurse they ballance their speed so they do not "fall down" . With our space lift, you must remember it has to be double as "long" as the ribbon lift, as to gain from the earth rotation to keep it in the air, in fact it is this rotation and the centrifugal forces that make this possible, but if you go back to the early 50' where man tried to reach the bottom of the oceans , by a steel ball in a wire the surprising experience was, that the hardest problem was to manufactor a steel wire strong enough to hold it's own weight , to be able to reach just those ten eleven kilometer down ; this turned out impossible and triggered a great invension a submarine with a petrol tank as updrift ; that way the wire was elimanated and they did indeed reach the bottom, where with the wire , even two kilometers was a huge challance.
I don't even belive that with the space lift all problems are solved, as as soon a cargo is not ballanced by the counterweights in further out space of the space lift, --- then it will instantly drop to the surface unless, unless it by some mean can reach enough speed to ecape earth gravitation."""

My system is different, and you have not understood it at all. Their system merely keeps the space lift in the air. My system is able to support heavy weights!

Further, nothing will fall to earth, even if the weight of the cargo exceeds the centrifugal balance. This, because, my system is allowed to sway some in space.
This sway will be minimal, even with loads that greatly exceed the recommended, this because it is a global ring, and the forces on all ends of the planet keep it in an average position. Now, it can be built only with high tension cables, and as many as needed to guarantee the stability of the system. We can add as many cables as we need to, to guarantee the structural stability !

A few comments you made shows you didn't understand our system at all. Something is not just being "lifted to the sky". The balance of speed you referred to, is being achieved in a unique new way before never done ! It is a revolutionary idea to suspend cities in space, using the kitecnics of masses in motion and centrifugal forces as counter-weights to gravity, to allow us to suspend cities around planets !

Why would one want to occupy the moon ? It is barren! Now, if we could anchor our cities to planets, they will not simply drift into space, we have a fixed reference point, and can be more easily connected to the earth and space stations. We can extract elements we need from planets, and conduct our experiments using this technology.
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Further Applications of our Space Rings

Postby usarender » Mon Sep 17, 2007 5:15 pm

Further applications of the global ring -->>

According to -->>

From The Pentagon’s National Security Space Office (NSSO) may begin a study in the near future on the possibility of using satellites to collect solar energy for use on Earth, according to Defense Department officials.

We don't need satellites.

We can use it as a platform for solar collectors. We can then use all the energy collected to supply the space city. The energy collected from the momentum of the large orbiting bodies can also be collected. We have established that to maintain large bodies in motion we will expend less energy then is produced by the synergy of their rotation. This can be understood in the example of a bicycle, where the pressure applied to a smaller internal ring, in a sense, creates a speed and force stronger then that originally applied. Or for example, to get a or airplane car moving requires greater energy then to keep it moving at a constant speed. So we can maintain them in rotation with small rockets that will use less energy then the use of the magnetic energy that can be extracted from their movement along the tracks.

Further, we can also create space based generators using this technology. These can be floating in space.

Further, we can create floating cities that rotate as well and generate their own energy in so doing. These cities can be as the rims of the motorcycle wheels. The architecture will thus be in the ring format. Further, we can also produce multiple rings that are connected and rotate around larger rings. The synergy of the movement of rings within rings will produce an even greater amount of energy. This is the energy that is produced to keep the planets in their orbit, so this technology has a tremendous energy application.

We wish also to engage people here to propose the architecture of the future, and work in a global sense together, bringing the greatest architectural minds together to develop this.
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Postby alexneverhurts » Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:34 pm

The current difficulty of such technology is about the material strong and light enough to connect ground earth and space station (the ring). For even the best material currently available can't even sustain its own weight at this length.
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Postby csintexas » Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:52 pm

Last I heard gravity keeps planets in their orbit.
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Postby usarender » Tue Sep 18, 2007 2:10 pm

Neither Alex nor Mr. Texas have not understood the concept.

You are referring to someone else's technology Alex, not the technology I am proposing. Mr. Texas' comment also do not understand the physics involved in the proposition.
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NASA Space Elevator and Buckies Fuller Ring Bridge

Postby usarender » Tue Sep 18, 2007 7:00 pm

Hey P.C. -->>

Nasa also has developed it's own version of a "space elevator" -->>

""Basically, a big long cable tied to the equator of earth, with a rock at the end in geosynchronous orbit. People could then climb the cable and get into outer space cheaply.""

This is probably the most objective site on the issues of why their ideas may or may not work.

This is probably the best post on the subject -->>

But Mr. Buckys ring won't work either -->>

Fuller Ring Bridge
A structure suggested by BuckminsterFuller in 1951, consisting of an artificial ring built in space above the earth's equator. This could be done to connect the a bunch of SpaceElevators.

Not the same as RingWorld, which is a ring surrounding a star and is thus much larger.

This would obviously only be useful to connect SpaceElevators if it were rotating geosynchronously.... which goes without saying.

The structure would have minimum stress if attached to the SpaceElevators exactly at the altitude of geosynchronous satellites, roughly 1/3 of the way up. But perhaps other locations closer to or further from the earth might be possible.

What's the purpose of this structure?

Speculation: In theory, it takes less energy to ride the elevator up to the bridge, take the moving sidewalk over to the next elevator, then take the elevator down, than it does to fly directly in an airplane.

We already have hundreds of tons of communication satellites in geosynchronous orbit, and "we" put more up every year. If we keep putting more and more stuff into that narrow band, eventually it will become packed solid. Voila, the FullerRingBridge. No SpaceElevator necessary.

Although that would definitely be one of the more expensive ways of going about building one

And once you connected them together the resulting structure would become unstable, start oscillating, touch the atmosphere and disintegrate (if it hadn't through tidal stresses already). Maybe the space elevators would anchor it? Solid rings rotating around large gravitational fields don't work. -- TomAyerst (oops, that's already been covered in RingWorld)

This is pure speculation, but would it be more stable if you put it just above geosynch orbit, so there's a constant, slight (or not-so-slight) pull outwards by centripetal force? Or, for that matter, put the structure just below geosynch orbit and let gravity bow it inwards, creating the world's biggest suspension bridge using the space elevators as the pylons. Oh, and here's an interesting issue... how would the Moon's tidal forces affect such a structure?

Once you got the bridge done, you won't need anymore geosync satellites, you can just mount another antenna anywhere on the bridge! As long as their separation is wide enough for the ground station to resolve.

What the author suggested, thus has not been fully postulated into a working system, until now. We are here to prove it can be done!

These guys are trying to create a ring by connecting satellites, but can't decide where to place the ring ! The ring can be exactly where it needs to be ! All we need are the counter-weights, placed just above the geosynch orbit, as we already proposed, and Vola!

I just found these posts above NOW ! So this proves further it has not been done, and that the proposal is grounded on some of the most incredible physics and theoreticians in existence, without any of them being consulted. I had no knowledge of Fuller's proposals or these sites above, until now.

Further developments on the Gateway to the Sky

The Rings

Three parallel connected rings that have multiple springs in the core encased in metal sliding chambers. The chambers can elongate or become shorter in length, according to the pressure applied to the rings. The rings will be further encased in inter-connected spheres of hard rubber type synthetic compounds. The interior of these spheres will contain axial spoke structural supports, that function as types of shock absorbers. These interconnected spheres will function as the external membrane to the inner core of rings. This external link of spheres will create a global chain. It will protect the inner rings from meteor damage.

The interior rings are able to elongate or shorten, as the inner core springs slide on tracks. According to the geo-distributed weights applied to the rings, they will thus change their vertical position and either grow or shorten in total circumference. This will allow them to shift some vertically as needed. As they shift their altitude position, the rotating connected spheres in orbit will also flow on a compressed path, thus accelerating somewhat in their spin. As the ring is de-compressed, under conditions of low cargo, the orbiting spheres will follow a wider path.

The main purpose of this composition is to create less tension in the high strength nano fibers that will compose the geo rings. The geo rings can be loaded to maximum capacity without over-stressing the rings by the composite of the orbiting eccentric forces and the loads of cargo being hoisted to space.

Further, the baloons and arched gateways will carry the majority of the people/human loads in small amounts, and in sequences 24 hours a day, thus reducing the load also on the geo spheres to only cargo. The weight on the geo rings is further reduced by using our technology we have created here, to use the atmospheric pressure differentials to hoist objects into space.
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Postby alexneverhurts » Thu Sep 20, 2007 1:11 am

You passage is too long. I read it twice, and seem to get some of your ideas. If I'm correct, your 'global ring' is generally based on lots of big balloons, right? Using balloon to 'float in the air' is kinda tricky thing, therefore people stopped talking about it long time ago.

Firstly, it takes huge volume of light gas (i.e. H2) to create enough lift force. In an episode of Myth-Buster, the guys used around 300 party balloons to lift up a mass equivalent to a 5-year-old kid. Guess how much it'll take if you want to float a city. Besides, the higher altitude your balloon gonna stay, the less lift it can produce, due the decrease of air density. (That's why you can't ride a balloon to the outer space.)

Secondly, as we all know, the balloons are leaky. It's not because the material are no good, but simply because the molecules of light gases are too small that they can easily pass between atoms of the barrier material. It'll cost you a lot to maintain gas pressure in those huge balloons in your proposal.

Thirdly, anything floating in the air is subject to the influence of weather. It may not be quite significant where the altitude is high and the wind is constant, but the elevators in your proposal, which are moving vertically, definitely need to sustain the impact of fierce weather. Besides, since the balloons though connected in series, they are free in other direction. Once a perturbation occurs at one point, it'll spray like a wave, and the whole ring may tend to swing like a spring. This may lead to catastrophic failure of the structure. Thus buffering mechanism should be inserted between balloons, but this job isn't easy.

I don't quite understand the Arches in your proposal. Do they act like reinforcement to the balloons? Are they fixed to the ground?
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Further Details on the System

Postby usarender » Fri Sep 21, 2007 12:22 pm


Thanks for your comments. You have not understood the system Alex.

The ring system floats independently of the vertical access arches, and does not depend on them to maintain itself in space. They are two separate elements in the system.



The arched portals make use of the atmospheric pressure differentials to suspend weights in space. They maintain inner chambers that have three galleries plus a full length lateral chamber as follows -->>

1. The lower gallery at the ground at atmospheric pressure. This lower gallery is allowed to expand in length all the way up to the top of the arches.
2. The middle gallery a decompression chamber. This will be the human elevator car.
3. The upper gallery a vacuum chamber. This vacuum is maintained in the upper portion all the way up.
4. Lateral chambers. These run from the ground all the way up and operate at ground pressure. They are used as regulatory valves and to re-fill the upper chambers with pressure.

Take for example, a barometer filled with mercury as an example, or take for example an inverted model of water pressure. The high pressure at the top where the water is pushes the water down at the bottom up to the same height. So using this same principle, the greater atmospheric pressure differentials between the ground points at the stratospheric points can be used to hoist weights vertically, if we maintain this ground pressure stable in the lower chambers all the way up.

The atmospheric pressure differentials between the ground pressure and upper stratosphere pressure will be placed in the lower and the upper chambers to pull the weight up vertically with no need for a heavy lift. Further, the pressure differential will maintain the lower part in compression and maintain the shape of the arch, as the elevator moves up, being lifted and carried by the pressure differentials, thus not exerting substantial weight on the arch. Any spill-over of weight is picked up by the baloons. The portions of the arch above the elevator do not have any weight in them until an elevator reaches their path. So the arches themselves need not support a large amount of weight. They carry only the people also. The elevating chambers in the arches are sucked up vertically by the vacuum and pressure diferentials. So the balloons merely hold the arches in place and carry small amounts of weight. At the points lower to the ground, where more vertical thrust is needed, the pressure differential is the greatest. At this point the arch is vertical in position, so people move up vertically within the pressure diferential chambers. As the people and objects move up the arches, the pressure differentials decrease, but so does the force of gravity, as they begin to exit the atmosphere. As the people reach the nearly horizontal portions of the arch, the atmospheric pressure up there will be low and also the gravity will be low. But the lower atmospheric pressure is maintained in the lower chamber, which now expands all the way up to the top behind the elevator cars, also expanding the lower arch into its full shape.

Since the sequence of three internal chambers will be able to carry only one elevator from ground all the way up, each arch maintains various parallel chambers to allow more then one vertical elevator access path in each arch. The elevators and the arches will be made with low weight expandable synthetic materials that are able to withsdant great pressures. This allows the entire arches and interior elevating chambers to be very light in weight.

As people ascend, they will be given oxygen masks and also parachutes, as security measures. Once the people reach the space ring, they can remove the equipment and parachutes. The interior elevators will also be connected to cables which go from the ground all the way up, to hold the elevator cabins in place should the entire arch collapse for some reason. These cables will also help hoist the elevators up within the arches, in situations where the pressure differentials are reduced, and to complement the pressure differential lifting force with a mechanical force as well. These cables will be attached to the balloons and to the upper global ring as well.

The central shaft connected to the rings will elevate the heavier cargo. The central shaft will use a combination of a vertical lift attached to the cable and the global ring at the top, and also the same atmospheric pressure differential chambers, which will suck the loads up vertically as well as being hoisted at the same time. This reduces the load on the global rings and the vertical hoisting cable substantially. The load will be shared by the space hoist connected to the global rings, and the pressure differential chambers.

Further, the arched access portals are connected at the top to the rings also, so are suspended at that point, and also along their path, by the balloons. The balloons are only needed to maintain the arched curvature to the shapes when the arches are empty and to hold them further in place. Further, the intersecting arches meet at the central shaft and this also provides further support, preventing the upper portion of the arch structure from swaying in the heaviest higher altitude winds. The middle and lower portions will not sway, as they will be filled with pressurized air while the elevator is ascending. The arches are allowed to bend and sway some in the heavy winds above. This will not interfere with their operation. Further, when the wind forces are too strong, the arches can be compressed in length by " reeling them in" from the central shaft and then become more like straight lines, and the ascent becomes an inclined 60 degree angle, aproximately. The arches will be made with cables attached to springs as well, and they can elongate or expand into the full arch shapes as needed, and this provides them with maleability to resist the wind forces.

As shown, the expansion pressure caused by the atmospheric differential also expands the arches and maintains them suspended. Especially since the weights are being pushed up by the pressure differentials and not by being fully held by the arches. So on deployment, the entire arches can be elevated by the multiple balloons, and extended up into the skies, and as they are extended, they fill will pressured air, which is sucked up into the arches and extends then to their full height. Once they are hooked to the central shaft, the lower chamber is isolated and the pressure released from the remaining portions of the arch above, awaiting passengers. Passengers enter the compression chambers and these are released and pushed up vertically into the vacuum above within the arches. After the elevator car is evacuated, the sequence is repeated and the arch begins to operate taking groups of people up into the global ring. When the air is removed from the upper arch portions, the arches will be sucked into a tight closed position. As the compression chambers are pushed up, the arch left behind is filled with compressed air and the closed arches in the front of the elevator cars is pushed open to give path to the ascending elevators.

Groups of people will be accessing the arches with large distances in between each person going up, so the baloons need only to hold a few people each at a time within the arches. When there are no people in the arches, the baloons will be merely holding the arches in place. The arches can be filled with air at times when they are not in use, and this pressurized air will maintain the arches hanging in the sky, with their tops connected to the global ring. The balloons at these times can be allowed to drift out of gas and hang suspended along the sides of the arch untill the arches are placed in use again. The balloons are then re-charged with helium, and the air from the arches is removed, forming a vacuum within, sucking the air up into space, and their interiors collapsing, with the entire arches supported by the balloons. The lower portion remains filled with ground level pressure air, and the elevators then can be pushed up into the vaccum untill they reach the top. Then the proceedure is repeated as normal. Air is allowed to enter the sides of the arch at all points, creating a pressure equalization, and the elevators catapult back down to the ground. The air is then removed from the upper chambers of the arch and the proceedure is repeated, to carry people up to the sky, being pushed by the pressure differentials all the way up.

I have chosen the form of the arches so as to provide a more comfortable ride up, rather then a vertical one or a straight 60-70 degree trip all the way. Better to have an initial vertical ascent, when the pressure differential is greatest, and thus the vertical thrust is greatest. This is followed by a gradual curvature to a horizontal ascent as the people reach the top of the arched access gates.

In the topic, "The Structures of the Future", attached is a diagram of the multiple rings system, and the chambers of ring globes that will encase the rings.

The upper ring globes move with the cables, and with the orbiting bodies attached at the end of the cables. They slide along the central ring, being connected by magnetic connectors, with a trigger safety system. The lower ring globes are fixed. The hoist cables go through these, and pull the weights up to the global ring. All the system below the ring is fixed and all the system above is in movement. A section is shown also, which illustrates how the entire system will be encased on all sides by the ring globes, creating an encased central ring, out of the reach of bodies which may damage it. If one of the ring globes is hit, it can be repaired, and the main ring is left undamaged. The ring globes will be made with inflatable globes that are filled with oxygen and maintain small compartments and a structure to withstand impacts or explode on impact, leaving the central ring intact.
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A Few New Structural Developments

Postby usarender » Mon Oct 01, 2007 8:41 pm

These global rings will also enable the deployment of our new structural ideas towards buildings and how to counter many disasters on earth, including -->>

Tidal Waves Dispersing System
Anti-Earth Quake Technology
New AQUATIC Structural System

In one, we use a unique system of structural intervention on liquid surfaces.

In the other, we use a similar system to disperse earth quakes.

In the later, we use a new structural technology that will enable floating cities, and can also be used as foundation systems for buildings.

For those interested in more info on these new structural systems, please do not hesitate to respond to this post.
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The ring structure used for energy generation

Postby usarender » Wed Oct 03, 2007 4:30 pm

The Space Generators

The image below, "Space Generator" illustrates how in space we will be able to produce power by placing small versions of the ring system around a fixed turbine. These outer rings and their rotating bodies orbit and spin around their own central cores. These in turn are mounted on a greater ring system, and spin as a unit on the larger ring.

In the image "Space Generator1_", the system is expanded and is slowly built-up to allow for the incorporation of larger units composed of these individual systems. Thus, as the system expands, the energy production capacity expands as well.

In the image "space generator1_1_, the system is expanded further and smaller rotating systems spin around larger systems, and this entire unit becomes a gigantic space station and also energy producing machine. The inner cavities are filled with laboratories, cities, and the entire unit becomes a docking station as well. These entire units will also be hooked/connected to the earth ring and also to other planetary earth rings. They will be mass produced. The interior compartments will be made with the same synthetic light weight inflatable materials.

Note: For some reason, the images do not appear unless one is logged in. If they do not appear on your computer, please visit our site Project Liquid Universe and view the page "Gateway to the Sky".
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Postby ahmeds » Sun Oct 07, 2007 7:07 am

excellent usarender, you have great ideas, which i really enjoy to read, I would like to encorage others support you in this programme.This is truly something to come... keep it up!
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Magnetic Cancellation Theory

Postby usarender » Wed Oct 10, 2007 7:03 pm

Thanks for the feedback Ahmeds. I love your architecture in Dubai also. ... hp?t=18296

Now, some further developments. A few summary of some ideas we have been developing in conjunction with the Gateway to the Sky and also to the new transportation systems of the future, among other scientific developments we are progressing at Project Liquid Universe. These will be used with the STRUCTURES OF THE FUTURE to create a new way cities cities in space and will be incorporated into the structural gate to space. These will be used also as the energy sources for the floating space cities, so familiarity with basic notions is important to understand the systems, mechanics and energy sources of the future to use in our systems design. This provides the structure for multiple new generators, as well as an explanation for the circular shape of the craft that will connect to the new cities and new structural gates -->>

Altering Energy States of Matter

Magnetic Cancellation Theory

By altering the energy state of matter that is in rotation around the nucleus of the energy source, and controlling the phases of the energy states, we can create directional momentums that produce propulsion. This, explained by the general behavior of complex contained systems of matter.

We also produce a relative speed, which compared to static states of equilibrium, produces a "static state of inertia" that results in an incredible mass speed, with relation to the stationary masses in equilibrium. Thus in effect, we have mass moving at incredibly large speeds within the framework of the altered inertia equation, possible by altering these energy states of matter.

The masses, in their points of reference, move at a reasonable speed within the framework of the perimeter of vision, as defined by their governing energy state. To external observers, moreover, the matter appears to be moving at an incredible large speed. This, possible by the temporal distortion of time, with relation to the "static states of matter". The normal condition of matter, in general systems of behavior, versus altered exceptional conditions of a limited amount of matter, produces a relative distortion in the space time continuum, thus altering the perceptions of space and time.

This, together with the magnetic cancellation possible by generating new centers of equilibrium, produces unidirectional forces as defined by the governing internal magnetic fields of the bodies, subjected to the altering energy states, as applied to the greater rotating fluid of matter held in suspension around the nucleus.

By basing our energy producing nucleus on the design of the atom, we can quantify this energy and control the exterior perimeters of bound energy, by fluctuations of energy in the core, producing a resulting fluctuation of the energy states in the perimeter bound matter. In this radial distribution, using the atom as a model, we have a means to distribute the fluctuating energy in multi directional arrangements. Thus, by bending the rotating energy along squeezed orbits, we can thus produce governing patterns of directional forces, thus creating a system for propulsion.

By creating a controlled intense magnetic field, we can also control the re-arrangements of the contained energy in the matter, orienting it along the strands of energy pulses that we wish to govern the systems behavior. This allows the magnetic field to create uni directional bending forces capable of bending space along pre determined pathways, thus altering the magnetic field in the circumference of our pulsating fields of re-arranged energy states.

These re-arrangements of energy states basically alter the equations of momentum, of energy, of matter, of time, of space, of gravity, allowing us to manipulate these at will and create uni directional forces that are used as a system of propulsion.

The Gravitational Kinetics of Motion

Gravitational fiels exert governing polar behavior along predetermined polar axis. By creating our uni directional forces, we can also pulse and bounce these magnetic currents along the pre existing terrestrial polar axis, and thus use this also as a form of magnetic propulsion. Thus, our vehicles follow movements in space similar to the movements of satellites, as defined by the polar directional bounce in our directed systems.

The Gravitational Cancellation Theory

The altered energy states of matter, as shown, alter various equations and behavior of complex energy systems. and gravity is one of them. Gravity can suffer the effect of neutralization, if the individual polar coordinates of the atoms are re aligned along new paths, in such a way that their re alignment is opposite to the gravitation force. The new re alignment allows their governing axis to be opposite to the governing gravitational access of the greater body of matter, thus creating a force of repulsion, similar to the magnetic re alignment which occurs in positively and negative charged magnets.

Energy States and Their Relation to Renewable Energy

Energy states provide a source of renewable energy, in that that predominant energy patterns are generated by the distortions of the interior flux of the strings of energy currents. This in effect produces a quantifiable source of energy flux, which can be used to in effect produce work and thus usable energy. In effect, we are liberating incredible amounts of energy by tiny minute distortion of energy states. This creates a very slow decay of matter, rather then, by contrast, the immediate decay as produced by nuclear fission. We thus have a slow, controlled way to liberate the energy as contained in matter, and to use it as a source of renewable energy. This energy, as projected along governing strings or paths of movement, creates a source of usable energy, in contrast to the dispersed energy of nuclear fission. No longer are we concerned with radio active isotopes, or nuclear carbon des integration into unstable energy. Small quantifiable distortions and fluxes of energy states, by producing a governing pattern of behavior, produce also a controllable energy flux that is thus used in a practical way as a source of renewable energy.

The Model of an Atom as a Source of Renewable Energy

The atom, in its nucleus, rotating electron arrangement, serves as the model for this pulsating energy flux machine. By controlling the boundary energy flux areas by distortions in the nucleus, we create governing patterns of behavior and can thus control our governing flow of multi directional energy and bend this along preferred paths of movement, thus creating controllable renewable energy.

Project Liquid Universe

A Universe of Possibilities Before Us

Here and Now.

By Mr. Nelson
Project Coordinator
Architect, Inventor, Scientist, Mechanic, Musician, Writer, Researcher, Poet, Artist, Visionary, Future Advocate.
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The Global Pyramid

Postby usarender » Fri Nov 23, 2007 7:08 pm

The Most Fantastic Project of the Century!

The Global Pyramid


To build the world's largest structure ever built, that is economical, strong and will allow man to reach space for the lowest cost possible.

Attached is an image of the new pyramid structure.

The Size

It will be approximately 120 km wide by 140 km high.

It will reach from the earth into space.

The Purpose

To provide a global bridge to space.

The Foundation

It will be built on a base of solid stone.

The Exterior Membrane

The exterior membrane will consist of a simple affordable membrane system as follows -->>

The A core of earth and sand infill. Over this,

1. A vapor and water containment barrier of Interior multiple sheets of plastic over the interior core, to protect it from humidity and from leaking out of the interior core.

2. Next, an internal perimeter wall 200 Meters wide of plastic stones and bricks, filled with earth and sand.

3. The outer layer, an inclined stone wall 10 Meters thick.

The Interior Core

The interior core maintains concrete tube tunnels, that will house cities, shopping areas, mechanical equipment and wind tunnels to capture the energy and use it in the structure. Within the core are vertical elevators, ventilation shafts, water and support systems. If fire reaches one chamber, it will be dampered and isolated from the other chambers.

On the exterior will be mounted giant catapults that will launch the space vehicles into space without using fuel for the launch. They will be literally giant run-ways. There will be a long track. It will work on a tension system. The entire system is pulled into tension upon launch. The trigger is released gradually, with increasing pressure as the speed increases. This will catapult the space vehicles into space with no fuel used. The energy for the tension mechanism will be extracted from wind and solar panels mounted on the sides of the pyramid, and the wind channels in the core.

As stated, the interior core will be simply filled with earth and sand.

It will employ the latest in wind and solar energy collectors.

The Functions

Multiple Interior cities, global access portal, natural green energy plant.

The Scope

Global in scale. A free open project which will allow thousands of companies and individuals to participate.

Who Will Pay For It

The public, those who participate, the governments, the funding companies, the world.

In essence, we are attempting to do what one of the greatest, most powerful civilizations of all time attempted to do thousands of years ago and failed. This is no small challenge, even with today's technology. Especially considering the fact that to even construct the pyramids of Egypt with today's technology is no small feat. Until today, we still don't know for sure how the Egyptians built the pyramids.

Before embarking on a final solution, we were forced to understand some of the initial questions and technical difficulties:

1. Getting building approvals.
2. How this will interfere with man-made flying objects.
3. How to make the structure stable with economical materials.
4. How to build it in a reasonable amount of time, in a way that can be actually managed and budgeted in a way that makes sense.
5. How to get the cooperation and companies involved to build it.
6. In essence, an actual working design.

Reasons for choosing the pyramid structure:
To realize this big tower we must -->>

1. Chose a material that is light in weight, so it can be transported vertically easily, but that can made heavy, to hold much weight.
2. A material that is economical, can be massed produced, can be assembled easily.
3. Can engage global participation.
4. Resolve environmental impact issues.
5. Will resist gigantic forces of wind, rain, storms.
6. Can be done in a reasonable amount of time and for a budget that can be kept under control.
7. Can get construction approval.
8. That will survive the test of time.
9. A project that is able to engage the participation of many companies, government, and people with influence.
10. A project that is in tune with the technology of the times.
11. Construction techniques that are feasible.
12. A structural system that will allow for flexible use.
13. Allow for workers to work in sub-gravity conditions, with no oxygen and extremely high winds on the way up.

In essence, we are attempting to do what one of the greatest, most powerful civilizations of all time attempted to do thousands of years ago and failed. This is no small challenge, even with today's technology. Especially considering the fact that to even construct the pyramids of Egypt with today's technology is no small feat. Until today, we still don't know for sure how the Egyptians built the pyramids.

Many typology problems related to skyscrapers have been resolved in our global pyramid project -->>

This structure resolves many issues related to skyscrapers -->>

1. Structural limit in height and stability.
2. Resistant against terrorists.
3. The horizontal circulation is partly resolved, as the structure is connected to the global ring at the top.
4. Resistant to seismic activity.
5. Resistant to wind loads.
6. A structure to house millions and help resolve urban sprawl.
7. The personal vehicle is eliminated from access to the structure.
8. Vertical density is distributed among layers of many activities and systems and natural energy production systems.
9. Energy sustainability has been proposed.
10. Vertical circulation can be done in a central access shaft as well as secondary and tertiary shafts.
11. Security is increased as well as privacy, for those living in many levels and areas of the structure.
12. Fire resistance.
13. Self-sustaining systems.

Beyond this, the many other functions listed below -->>

The pyramid is the ideal structure as it ---->>>

1. As stated, resists lateral wind loads and storms well.
2. Allows for a large base and the top, when reaching the stratosphere, to be reduced in size.
3. Allows platforms to be built on the ends, and then as the structure goes up, to fill them in as one proceeds to the next level.
4. Requires less materials up at the top, thus allowing the crews to lift less materials, as they progress.

5. Is very stable structurally.

6. It a timeless form, one that is able to resist the ages.

7. It is a form and shape that carries a multitude of symbology.

8. Makes it easy to engage global participation.

9, The pyramid is a huge city, with the inner parts of the pyramid houses millions of businesses and residences.

10. It is a full plate for developers.

11. The sides of the pyramid are used to launch vehicles into space. It is an acceleration platform into space!

12. It is a launch point for celestial balloons.

13. It will become the largest communication tower on earth.

14. The sides of the tower will house a millions of solar collectors and wind capturing tunnels in the core, that will produce energy from the strong winds at high altitudes.

How To Build This

As much as possible, we will use all natural materials available in the local area.

We will first of all place the foundation of stones.

We start building the side walls which will house the infill of earth and sand.

As we proceed up, giant vacuum shoots will suck the materials up into the land fill areas inside the structure.

This process will be continued all the way up.

Where there are interior spaces, these will be made with concrete tunnels. These tunnels can be transformed either into wind tunnels or into occupied spaces.

The structure will proceed to the highest altitudes, where workers will wear pressurized suits and equipment.

Where Will We Build This?

Possible places are the Arab Emirates, Egypt, Arizona, Africa or other desert locations with plenty of sand, silty soil and native stones and rocks. Certainly it cannot be placed on a small land mass with much drift, or an entire area could sink with the weight of the structure.

How much will it cost to build?

Total cost aprox. 140 -168 billion = that is 14 to 16.8 billion a year for 10 years. By selling stock, with 23 million people investing, that is only US$50-60 per month per person. Over 10 years, they invest only US$6000 to $7200 and when completed, their stock will be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions. How many people do you think will want to own a share of this pie? Their money invested will multiply thousands of times over.

Why 140 Km?

"The lower region of the thermosphere, from approximately 130 to 180 km, has been very difficult to explore. Satellites cannot orbit in this region because they would rapidly fall from orbit and burn up from atmospheric friction. Balloons cannot reach this altitude, and sounding rockets pass through the region too quickly to obtain more than a quick vertical profile of a particular spot."


At the following link -->> ... 8&start=45

and, on our site as well,

is shown an overlay of the pyramid on the temperature zones, showing which areas will be more usefull, habitable and the temperate regions to be faced during construction. Range 0 to 3.5 km acceptable livable space. This is equivalent to a building 120 km wide by 3.5 km high of total usable region! Now, even if we build in 5% of this useful space and place the tunnels, we have an incredibly large area of real estate! Range 41 km to 66 km acceptable livable space, indicated as areas "A" below and the black triangles and red stars. This is equivalent to a building 80 km wide by 25 km high of total usable region! These will be the habitable regions of the pyramid of greatest value. The other regions will be for storage, space exploration, mechanical systems and the like. In the final region "A", there will be an observation tower of glass, where temperatures range from 0 C to 20 degrees C or 63 F. From this vantage point, man will be able to observe the global ring, the Aurora Borealis, as well as view the spacecraft being launched into space from a distance of around 300 meters, without this craft ever being in danger of reaching the observation tower. This observation tower will be in itself a mega structure. It will be a pyramid of aproximately 10 kilometers high by 10 kilometers wide with an exterior skin of LED thermal solar panel insulated glass with water bearing sheets of glass panels that will absorb the radiant energy and convert it to heated water to supply the entire structure. It will be, so to speak, "Sitting on top of the World "! Those who own this real estate will be the new billionaires of the future.
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Postby justellus » Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:12 am

This is an interesting related topic as well: ... fbd1fa7796

With a few new ideas posted today in this link.

Another topic worth having a look at as well, on the 2D planar: ... 4-765.html

and this one:
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