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Further Developments on the Arched Access Gates

Postby usarender » Sat Sep 22, 2007 4:23 pm

As there has been some confusion there is a need to explain how the ring and the arch systems function independently.

The ring system floats independently of the vertical access arches, and does not depend on them to maintain itself in space. They are two separate elements in the system.


Please see the image attached below.
(The image only appears when logged in, for some reason. If the image is not appearing on your screen, please visit our site to see the images of the system).


The arched portals make use of the atmospheric pressure differentials to suspend weights in space. They maintain inner chambers that have three galleries plus a full length lateral chamber as follows -->>

1. The lower gallery at the ground at atmospheric pressure. This lower gallery is allowed to expand in length all the way up to the top of the arches.
2. The middle gallery a decompression chamber. This will be the human elevator car.
3. The upper gallery a vacuum chamber. This vacuum is maintained in the upper portion all the way up.
4. Lateral chambers. These run from the ground all the way up and operate at ground pressure. They are used as regulatory valves and to re-fill the upper chambers with pressure.

Take for example, a barometer filled with mercury as an example, or take for example an inverted model of water pressure. The high pressure at the top where the water is pushes the water down at the bottom up to the same height. So using this same principle, the greater atmospheric pressure differentials between the ground points at the stratospheric points can be used to hoist weights vertically, if we maintain this ground pressure stable in the lower chambers all the way up.

The atmospheric pressure differentials between the ground pressure and upper stratosphere pressure will be placed in the lower and the upper chambers to pull the weight up vertically with no need for a heavy lift. Further, the pressure differential will maintain the lower part in compression and maintain the shape of the arch, as the elevator moves up, being lifted and carried by the pressure differentials, thus not exerting substantial weight on the arch. Any spill-over of weight is picked up by the baloons. The portions of the arch above the elevator do not have any weight in them until an elevator reaches their path. So the arches themselves need not support a large amount of weight. They carry only the people also. The elevating chambers in the arches are sucked up vertically by the vacuum and pressure differentials. So the balloons merely hold the arches in place and carry small amounts of weight. At the points lower to the ground, where more vertical thrust is needed, the pressure differential is the greatest. At this point the arch is vertical in position, so people move up vertically within the pressure differential chambers. As the people and objects move up the arches, the pressure differentials decrease, but so does the force of gravity, as they begin to exit the atmosphere. As the people reach the nearly horizontal portions of the arch, the atmospheric pressure up there will be low and also the gravity will be low. But the lower atmospheric pressure is maintained in the lower chamber, which now expands all the way up to the top behind the elevator cars, also expanding the lower arch into its full shape.

Since the sequence of three internal chambers will be able to carry only one elevator from ground all the way up, each arch maintains various parallel chambers to allow more then one vertical elevator access path in each arch. The elevators and the arches will be made with low weight expandable synthetic materials that are able to withstand great pressures. This allows the entire arches and interior elevating chambers to be very light in weight.

As people ascend, they will be given oxygen masks and also parachutes, as security measures. Once the people reach the space ring, they can remove the equipment and parachutes. The interior elevators will also be connected to cables which go from the ground all the way up, to hold the elevator cabins in place should the entire arch collapse for some reason. These cables will also help hoist the elevators up within the arches, in situations where the pressure differentials are reduced, and to complement the pressure differential lifting force with a mechanical force as well. These cables will be attached to the balloons and to the upper global ring as well.

The central shaft connected to the rings will elevate the heavier cargo. The central shaft will use a combination of a vertical lift attached to the cable and the global ring at the top, and also the same atmospheric pressure differential chambers, which will suck the loads up vertically as well as being hoisted at the same time. This reduces the load on the global rings and the vertical hoisting cable substantially. The load will be shared by the space hoist connected to the global rings, and the pressure differential chambers.

Further, the arched access portals are connected at the top to the rings also, so are suspended at that point, and also along their path, by the balloons. The balloons are only needed to maintain the arched curvature to the shapes when the arches are empty and to hold them further in place. Further, the intersecting arches meet at the central shaft and this also provides further support, preventing the upper portion of the arch structure from swaying in the heaviest higher altitude winds. The middle and lower portions will not sway, as they will be filled with pressurized air while the elevator is ascending. The arches are allowed to bend and sway some in the heavy winds above. This will not interfere with their operation. Further, when the wind forces are too strong, the arches can be compressed in length by " reeling them in" from the central shaft and then become more like straight lines, and the ascent becomes an inclined 60 degree angle, approximately. The arches will be made with cables attached to springs as well, and they can elongate or expand into the full arch shapes as needed, and this provides them with malleability to resist the wind forces.

As shown, the expansion pressure caused by the atmospheric differential also expands the arches and maintains them suspended. Especially since the weights are being pushed up by the pressure differentials and not by being fully held by the arches. So on deployment, the entire arches can be elevated by the multiple balloons, and extended up into the skies, and as they are extended, they fill will pressured air, which is sucked up into the arches and extends then to their full height. Once they are hooked to the central shaft, the lower chamber is isolated and the pressure released from the remaining portions of the arch above, awaiting passengers. Passengers enter the compression chambers and these are released and pushed up vertically into the vacuum above within the arches. After the elevator car is evacuated, the sequence is repeated and the arch begins to operate taking groups of people up into the global ring. When the air is removed from the upper arch portions, the arches will be sucked into a tight closed position. As the compression chambers are pushed up, the arch left behind is filled with compressed air and the closed arches in the front of the elevator cars is pushed open to give path to the ascending elevators.

Groups of people will be accessing the arches with large distances in between each person going up, so the balloons need only to hold a few people each at a time within the arches. When there are no people in the arches, the baloons will be merely holding the arches in place. The arches can be filled with air at times when they are not in use, and this pressurized air will maintain the arches hanging in the sky, with their tops connected to the global ring. The balloons at these times can be allowed to drift out of gas and hang suspended along the sides of the arch until the arches are placed in use again. The balloons are then re-charged with helium, and the air from the arches is removed, forming a vacuum within, sucking the air up into space, and their interiors collapsing, with the entire arches supported by the balloons. The lower portion remains filled with ground level pressure air, and the elevators then can be pushed up into the vacuum until they reach the top. Then the procedure is repeated as normal. Air is allowed to enter the sides of the arch at all points, creating a pressure equalization, and the elevators catapult back down to the ground. The air is then removed from the upper chambers of the arch and the proceedure is repeated, to carry people up to the sky, being pushed by the pressure differentials all the way up.

I have chosen the form of the arches so as to provide a more comfortable ride up, rather then a vertical one or a straight 60-70 degree trip all the way. Better to have an initial vertical ascent, when the pressure differential is greatest, and thus the vertical thrust is greatest. This is followed by a gradual curvature to a horizontal ascent as the people reach the top of the arched access gates.

Below attached is a diagram of the multiple rings system, and the chambers of ring globes that will encase the rings.

The upper ring globes move with the cables, and with the orbiting bodies attached at the end of the cables. They slide along the central ring, being connected by magnetic connectors, with a trigger safety system. The lower ring globes are fixed. The hoist cables go through these, and pull the weights up to the global ring. All the system below the ring is fixed and all the system above is in movement. A section is shown also, which illustrates how the entire system will be encased on all sides by the ring globes, creating an encased central ring, out of the reach of bodies which may damage it. If one of the ring globes is hit, it can be repaired, and the main ring is left undamaged. The ring globes will be made with inflatable globes that are filled with oxygen and maintain small compartments and a structure to withstand impacts or explode on impact, leaving the central ring intact.

Note: For some reason, the images do not appear unless one is logged in. If they do not appear on your computer, please visit our site Project Liquid Universe and view the page "Gateway to the Sky".
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Postby P.C. » Wed Sep 26, 2007 4:12 pm

Allow me to add a link about nanno mashines ; an interesting video, ... mbler.html
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Postby futuristarchitect » Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:13 pm

This is a very interesting topic, and most relevant to the future.

With all the economic problems the world is seeing, pursuing grand new mega projects and the structural systems of the future will be a boost to the global economy and fuel a new era of prosperity.

This link is interesting also, and related to this topic-->>

It seems we need more global innovators with vision, who are also architects and engineers, and who are willing to present their vision to the world without fear of recrimination or antagonism on the part of those who envy the visionaries.

Those who look into this will find these ideas most interesting and inspiring. The possibility of a gateway to space is the dream of many visionaries. This concrete method presented is achievable.

Given all the mega projects in Dubai currently, the world will soon be ready to start thinking even bigger.

With such fascinating propositions, one can only welcome the invitation to join the vision.
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Postby nanrehvasconez » Mon Nov 17, 2008 12:39 am

Nirvana!, would your ideas benefit the public at large, can you inject a bit of social balance, better shelter for the masses? If not you will have to work in Dubai and Saudi Aravia, were non of the above counts.
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Postby rocketman » Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:41 pm

These projects will benefit the w.o.r.ld., the .poor, the homeless, as they will house a t.ho.u.s.a.nd.. d.r.e.a.m.s.... and allow the p.o.or... to get a piece of one of the biggest pies the world has seen - and get also in the process, if they so desire, as they get in on the ground floor. Do you think Dubai will really embrace this vision? All their development ? Really, what do they care about? Is it not oil, and building an empire for their future, for tourism ? What will happen when all the oil dries up? All those cities will turn unto ghost cities, with no capital left to reform them. They will serve as beacons of a lost age, the age of oil, and the damage it is causing on the environment. Empires being built based on the greed for more oil....and the planet delving into the darkness of the shadow of pollution and environmental degradation.... when will all this madness for more oil end?

It is high time the world seek for more clean solutions, and also heed the call for a g.l.o.bal effort to join forces and bulk those who would exploit us - and give back to the p.o.or, the base workers the control of the system, now so entrenched in the hands of the and w.e.a.l.t.hy, who care not to produce, but rather to use other's hard earned money to build their own shady empires, glossed and beautiful on the outside, but retched and rotten at it's base, build on the filth of the exploitation and control of black gold.... many an have fallen due to and this will be no exception...

Only one empire will stand - the empire of, of l.i.b.e.r.t.y, of ....e.q.u.a.l.i.ty, of, of unity, of ....f.i.g.h.ti.n.g for one vision, the vision of all for one and one for all, only achievable by uniting our .m.i.n.ds and s.p.i.r.its into a common ....m.a.t.r.i.x.... of ....p.u.r.e., b.o.u.nd and secured by the h.e.a.v.enly ...forces of and ....p.o.wers, when they in the new era of the k.i.n.g.d.o.m..., of the, of the .h.e.a.v.en.s., of j.u.s.t.i.ce, m.e.r.c.y and pro.s.perity of, with the founding f.a.t.hers and their voice resounding over the centuries, calling for the same e.q.u.a.lity and j..u.s.ti.ce... a voice few are able to hear....
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Postby djswan » Sat Nov 22, 2008 3:04 pm

How 'bout cod liver oil? anyone going crazy over that? I'm not mad for more oil.

The market is correcting itself if you haven't noticed, a real slap in the face.
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Postby nanrehvasconez » Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:55 pm

Humans already tryed this scheme, I don't thing you will succede either. read more:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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This article is about the Biblical story. For other uses, see Tower of spam (disambiguation).

The Tower of spam by Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1563)
Engraving The Confusion of Tongues by Gustave Doré (1865), who based his conception on the Minaret of Samarra[citation needed]The Tower of spam (Hebrew: מגדל בבל‎ Migdal Bavel Arabic: برج بابل‎ Burj Babil) according to chapter 11 of the Book of Genesis, was an enormous tower intended as the crowning achievement of the city of Babilu, the Akkadian name for Babylon. According to the biblical account, spam was a city that united humanity, all speaking a single language and migrating from the east; it was the home city of the great king Nimrod, and the first city to be built after the Great Flood. The people decided their city should have a tower so immense that it would have "its top in the heavens." (וְרֹאשׁוֹ בַשָּׁמַיִם). However, the Tower of spam was not built for the worship and praise of God, but was dedicated to the glory of man, with a motive of making a 'name' for the builders: "Then they said, 'Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves; otherwise we shall be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.'" (Genesis 11:4). God, seeing what the people were doing, gave each person a different language to confuse them and scattered the people throughout the earth.

spam is the Hebrew equivalent of Akkadian Babilu (Greek Babylon), a cosmopolitan city typified by a confusion of languages.[1] The Tower of spam has often been associated with known structures, notably the Etemenanki, the ziggurat to Marduk, by Nabopolassar (610s BC). A Sumerian story with some similar elements is preserved in Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta.
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Postby futuristarchitect » Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:35 pm


It appears you didn't notice, this has already been mentioned in previous posts, about the tower of spam, so what you are saying now is not new. The system has already taken this into consideration. For those who know the Biblical story, the tower of spam occurred at a time of the evil Babylonian empires, who were glorifying men and their kingdoms and thought they could do all this without a need for .G.od, but wanted to create a tower to the heavens and proclaim the glory of men, rather then of G.od. So they were thus confused in their languages and .G.o.d frustrated their plan. Besides, they did not have the technology, the ability or the manpower at that time to explore space or build a tower to space. The most it would have risen is to the lower stratospheres....... Further, the world at that time was completely "pagan" (as so defined by the Hebrews) and those "w.ic.ked" (according to Hebrew scholars) nations knew nothing of the G.o..d who was worshiped by the Hebrews, who note also parted the Red Sea and sent manna from heaven, although still some did not believe and their corpses fell in the desert. The Hebrew kingdom has now been carried as a beacon of light by the new sons of the kingdom, and the same has now reached the gentile nations, who now also partake of this kingdom of glory. The same problem that occurred at that time occurs with wicked kingdoms today, who exalt the glory of man, and they too will fall. Take the book the Rise and Fall of Empires in the Library of Congress as an example of what happens to worldly kingdoms. They all have their stages, the signs, the apex, and then their fall. America in it's pride and arrogance has lost it's way, due to unscrupulous business practices, greedy investors pushing loans on the public that they are not able to pay, and contriving and scheming to enrich themselves on the cost of the people. Notice how the first blow came with 9/11 and now with the financial collapse, so predicted also by many and foreseen. The housing bubble itself was a foreseen event, only not foreseen by those too blind to see it coming.

About the market "correcting itself", that it up to definition, about what "correcting itself" means. As far as I can tell, things are only getting worse, so don't see much correction yet taking place Besides, what does this have to do anyways with the price of tea in China? It is irrelevant if the market is "correcting itself" or not, to this discussion. About the slap thing, I heard it said "turn the other cheek." Maybe America is not ready yet to turn the other cheek, until it has learned it's lesson.

Further, when it gets really bad in the end of it all, I heard it say "a piece of bread will buy a bag of gold", so don't put too much hope in these worldly Babylons, as the time is coming when the situation will be very dire. If not soon now, and even if there is a recovery, it has been predicted that it will happen. So who now are the wise of this world, when their kingdoms and empires melt away like sand on the beach..... it is only when the New Jerusalem is built that true peace and prosperity will abound and all will reap the benefits of a just kingdom as established, supported and lead by the Biblical account itself, which has described such events you yourself depicted, but all the way to the end of times. No use in looking into what has happened in the past if one is not willing to change this and dream of a better future. A bright day that will be. And she will shine beautiful, a light from within. Anymore pessimists still hanging around?
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Postby djswan » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:18 pm

Couldn't handle the cod liver oil eh? It's like bait.
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Postby futuristarchitect » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:43 pm

Interesting to see how this "wind energy skyscrapers" topic is also related to this one.

and this topic as well -->>

I heard it say, "You can tune a guitar but you can't tune a fish."

I think these systems, with a little fine tuning, could start to really work for us.
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Postby djswan » Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:46 am

Things are probally going to get worse before they get better, I think it's a good thing to build a little strength of character, to correct the market, nothing more. Speaking of new structure.

this topic sounds like a bunch of spam.

I like the idea of going primative for the next thousand years, and/or until things settle down, with a computer in every hut, and cool flying car landing in my tree top garage for any future structures.
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Postby futuristarchitect » Sun Nov 23, 2008 3:04 pm

The issue of vertical agriculture is a very interesting one as well. I heard some people out at Cal Poly Pomona are developing this as well, among others. I heard we are still 5 to 10 years away from developing efficient systems for mass applications in vertical structures.

Hydronics. A neat concept to keep in mind, with exterior shell systems of water, as is being proposed as well.

Feeding all the systems from lower level stratospheres is also possible, considering the pressure differentials.

In large structures, there are issues also of thermal expansion. And in this case, pressure differentials combined with thermal expansion. An interesting engineering study.

These proposals seem to address and resolve many of the issues of the "palaces" arrangements, as proposed by Lion, in the other discussion on wind energy sky-scrapers discussion -->>

And it was well said there also -->>

I think the optimized city of the future will consider both aspects - horizontal and vertical and blend the two into a stream-lined solution, with the city being designed in three dimensions, as suggested by giventofly. Some of the resulting solutions may seem conceptual, but it is only until one of these ideas really takes off that the future of our cities could be re-shaped. Many large cities today are being planned in the traditional way, such as Dubai, that although billions are being invested there, the same urban models are being re-applied with new local cultural and economic issues being the determining factors, as they plan for the future of those areas. Issues such as urban density, transportation, building scale, environmental impact and sustainability become re-emerging themes.

With the proper safety systems in place, we could be well on all way to a nice walk in space.
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Multi-directional lighting wells and hydronic systems

Postby futuristarchitect » Sun Nov 23, 2008 7:09 pm

Natural Light & Hydronic Systems Designed into the structure

This project has considered the possibility of sunlight within the structure, and provided for it's presence in abundance. This is made possible by multiple systems of diagonal light wells, and by their geometric arrangement in addition to the advantageous arrangement possible with the use of pyramid structure. Mirrors are thus not needed to bring light into the interiors. Light is introduced into the multi-leveled, multi-layered areas of the interior cities, and the space at different levels becomes not only habitable with an abundance of natural light, but will also house multiple levels of interior gardens, parks and agricultural areas as well.

In this project, the possibility of green farms and vertical agriculture is also being explored. These areas are shown in green in the diagram. With new developments in this area, we are only a few years away from large scale production at high altitudes.

Hydronics is considered for the exterior skin. The exterior skin, composed of wall of stone and then, a sheet of water, extending itself over the stone, and in open areas with glazing, with a thick sheet of water within the panels of glazing. Here the water itself serves as a damper layer, being distributed throughout the structure. It uses the temperature differentials and exterior exposure to ultra-violet light to heat this water and distribute the same throughout the building, keeping the same in movement to avoid freezing and to distribute the absorbed in warmer zones to colder zones. Heat is drawn into the water from the solar panels as well, can complemented as needed with interior mechanical systems of heating, running of the energy produced by the wind tunnels (wind tunnels not shown in this diagram). It serves thus in a multiple of functions, both as an exterior damper of ultra-violet rays, solar absorption and insulation from exterior temperature zones. It is also a multi-colored water inserted in different layers, thus allowing different light spectrums to be absorbed and reflected/refracted as needed.

The interior is thus fully lighted, insulated and the natural mechanical systems thus integrate and incorporate both hydronic heating, cooling and distribution of water, heat and energy. The stone and water walls thus serve as a heat sink and bed for solar radiation, among other benefits. (With structural integrity and construction optimization kept in mind, as well as overall cost and other factors).

There are also large thick glass walls, produced by the melting of sand in large quantities by the fire blast of last stage rocket boots and automated machines that melt and pour this glass into zoned areas as needed. (Exact method of production not described here).

The Last 10 KM a fully glazed p.y.r.amid sitting on top of the world

The last 10 KM of the structure's height is a fully open glazed structure with clear open views, sunlight and lighter exterior skin.

Further Details - exterior cladding

The rest of the structure is exterior stone clad, with perimeter areas of glazing that will house exterior offices, apartments, suites - mixed use areas, and will have the best views and sunlight.

The Rocket acceleration ramps

On two sides of the structure, the rocket acceleration ramps are placed. The primary thrust is achieved by the acceleration ramps in tension, with the final exit stages boosted by the igniting rockets, as needed. (But not necessary for lift-off).

Further technology applied

The structure incorporates wind generation and solar power generation as well, as explained.

The Connection to the Global Ring

The structure will not reach the global ring, but will be connected at the top by a lifter cable to the global ring, allowing cargoes and people to be lifted to the final stages and zones needed to reach the global ring. But it will be within an "arms" reach of the global ring, so to speak.

I have attempted to attach a new diagram to illustrate the interior lighting system achieved by means of the multi-directional lighting wells. Apparently, it is not showing up in the display.

If it does not show up here for some reason, it can be seen in this post as well -->>

Further information on the system, the space generators, the global ring and other project data can be found on our main site, with various links found in the various posts. Posted also are diagrams of the various temperature zones which will be faced over the course of this project, to reach the upper stratospheres.

We have developed a new p.y.r.amid construction/exterior wall erection system as well, with further details released with time. It consists of mounting platforms which will allow for automatic, robotic assembly of the exterior walls as well as the stone and sand infill. (And of sand melting/ glass production as needed).

Constructive, positive and forward looking comments are welcome, as well as participants who may wish to join and help in these ideas.
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Postby djswan » Thu Dec 18, 2008 4:35 pm

birgco wrote:usarender,

If you want to be taken seriously, stop all the crass commercial self-promotion. I don't know how to make it any clearer.

Can't see the forest for the trees. Trees are structures of the future.

In fact, there is a movement that suggest that architects should be foresters first. A restructuring of architects back to the roots. Care about something besides ourselves.

Save the hokey for the moon and Mars.
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Postby nanrehvasconez » Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:15 pm

Noted Roman statesman, orator, and best-selling author of treatises such as, "On Justice," "On Friendship," "On Donner," and "On Blitzen."

"A fool can neither escape the future nor endure the present "

djswan seams to be the product of inbreading. His brain has the capaility of an amiba or at best a low parasite
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