future and space cities

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future and space cities

Postby Ires_egy » Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:32 am

any websites or links about future city or space city competitions??
and i want 2 know ur conception about it, thanx
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Postby mrLenin » Tue May 22, 2007 11:54 am

First, you should think how will look people of future? Short with long fingers and great head? In this case our future homes shouldn't be tall. :) :idea:
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We have some ideas

Postby usarender » Sat Sep 15, 2007 8:56 pm

We have some ideas on this. Please see our post "The New Structural Gate To Space", for more information.
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Postby Atalla Wanderer » Sat Feb 28, 2009 8:29 pm

I have ideas as well. I want to build a single city-state nearly completely underground. The city shall be able to encompass hundreds of millions of lives. There shall be no automobiles - you shall walk to work, live where you work. The city shall be divided into Districts (6 in total), and have sub-districts among them for the structuring of government and taxes. It will be built three D, deep underground and up to the surface. It shall be powered by geothermal (which I'm not revealing until I patent it) and hydro. Each district will be an important part of the whole, and yet with a very unique identity as well. And the same for the sub-districts. Architecture, engineering, sociology, politics, geography, business - the human sciences will design and intertwine to create "UnderCity" (real name withheld for legal reasons).

Like a million unique villages crammed together, each amazing in every aspect, and stacked by the thousands atop each other.
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Postby justellus » Fri Mar 06, 2009 12:00 am


How about turning your under-world city into a huge laboratory for scientific endeavor? We could carve down into the ice much easier then into the earth, and this would allow us to bring light into the interior easier.

The building process would go something like this - a huge hole is carved out, then the elements are set in place at each lower level, then the ice placed back over each "layer", with connecting grids to join the sections horizontally and vertically and in any angle we wish to join them. Then the next level is placed, and more ice is placed back over it, and the upper levels are erected in the same fashion, until we get to the top. Once we reach ground zero, we have a hidden under ice huge city laboratory, where people can live and work and conduct their futuristic experiments, observations of the sky, while leaving the surface intact and back in the state it was found. Water from deep down under can be sucked up for use in the interior water falls. Huge waste disposal treatment plants are inserted deep in the core, to return to nature clean water. The entire system thus recycles what it uses. All food can be gathered locally from marine life, so the city would be self sufficient. On the top level could be solar collectors dispersed above, to bring hot water and energy down into the city laboratory below.

With time, as the under-world laboratory city develops, another one can be built in the inverse fashion, in the pyramid structure, as suggested in the other thread. There is a great advantage of going down before going up - that is, getting all the mechanical systems in place, and the ability to sap and use local resources. The pyramid above could even be built as a next step, and be built smaller at the start, and grow in size with time. Since it is erected from ice, sub-sequent "layers" can be added to it freely at will, indefinitely. Thus, the entire complex could become huge and serve hundreds of thousands of scientists and science fans who wish to go down there for a few months to participate in scientific experiments of all sorts. It could become thus the "Mecca" of scientific endeavor, free of all local country restrictions and typical harassment that scientists face in local countries, where there ideas are often stolen. If the scientists set up a massive joint operation there, we can together guarantee the safety of the community and ideas being developed. The area can be protected due to it's remote location easily also, serving as a kind of inverse "Alcatraz" for any who would venture to come near and steal from the site. They would have to face a huge barrier to get away with anything and could be caught easily. Thus, the safety of the community would be guaranteed. And place it on a site accessible by balloon, by helicopter, or even a high speed surface rail system, that could transport passengers over to large ships and/or futuristic docking stations - these could be large transport ships rigged to allow small business jets to carry people from the docking stations to the pyramid laboratory. A runway could be easily constructed on the ice also for the jets to land in proper conditions. One would need to think how to get people there quickly and back to civilization quickly as well.

Other aspects needed:

-Full service medical facilities.
-Huge stocks of food, brought in by ship.
-Huge sub-surface observatory laboratories, to observe the constellations.
-Pumping stations and other full mechanical services.
-Revenue generating projects to fund and maintain the same.
-Much money to be made on "scientific tourism" to the location.

Possible to consider even on location hotels to host the science tourists who come to learn of the facilities, or participate in world-wide short and long-term projects that will benefit man-kind.

The mentioned "gateway to the sky" (mentioned in the other threads here) can be placed directly square center above the structure as well, connecting the entire location to space, and thus to any global location, so that people can travel to the site via the mentioned "global ring" and descend down via the gateway proposed.

A few embryonic ideas worth further consideration.

I would gladly help you lead it up jointly, bringing in creativity and new scientific ideas.

Certainly it will bring in a new exciting journey of possibilities and new directions to benefit man-kind. By connecting all the ideas into a unified whole, an incredible blue-print has been traced for a magnificent project.
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Postby Atalla Wanderer » Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:49 pm

Ice melts. Faster all the time, if you think about it.
Rock melts too, but if we reach that temperature, it doesn't matter anymore.

I never said it would be easy, or cheap. Would you live in the straw house, wood house, or brick house? And why?
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