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SEN Rocks Deerbrook PUD Appeal Hearing 11/14/2012

PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:51 pm
by Kevin
Southeast Neighbors filled Harris Hall last night, 11/14/2012, for the Deerbrook PUD appeal hearing before the Eugene Planning Commission.

Our attorney Dan Snyder and everyone who spoke for the headwaters, and all who came and bore witness, did a great job! Thanks to all!!

Photo: Pat Johnston

Sadly, Rick Satre (planner) and Bill Kloos (attorney) representing the developers repeatedly asserted various false statements of fact, to such an extent, in my opinion, that they traversed the reasonable bounds of professional ethics. They certainly fed a bunch of confusion, on top of mixed-up, sometimes misleading findings from City staff.

Here's to wishing the appointed, volunteer members of the Planning Commission good luck in sorting out facts from fiction in this appeal. If they can do that, even partway, then an appropriate affirmation of the Hearings Official denial of the development application should be assured.

The Planning Commission will be deliberating with continued input from City staff and the City attorney. Their decision is expected sometime around 12/10/2012.

Go Team SEN! Go Team Eugene!


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