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Tibetan carpet exhibition of Tibetan handicrafts

PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:51 pm
by aityji33
Yesterday's Qinghai Tibetan Carpet International Exhibition Center flourished as a venue. Because it is weekend, many people have come to visit the exhibition, both in the carpet or in the Tibetan handicrafts exhibition galleries, are full of people, especially in the second floor of possession Florist exhibition area, people visiting, asking price, showing interest. a monk to avoid the live performances of traditional Tibetan Thangka painting Tong School, said such skills are only one or two in Qinghai people; Tu - in the side of the field of embroidery. various Tibetan daggers, Tibetan jewelry, colorful people in the eyes of insoles have become a rarity.
Verse possession Florist Jiang, general manager, told reporters yesterday, the day accounted for about 3,000 yuan, foreign investors like the arts and crafts with ethnic characteristics. Xining, one afternoon, leaving the scene of Japanese businessmen to see the staff are using the art of the performance of the 2008 Olympic Games mascots Wufu baby, to buy hundreds of sets of breath, but can only be hand-cut paper cutting ten day sets, ultimately, take the existing sets.
\Tibet Tibetan Carpets Florist has participated in exhibitions, this year we also invited Tulip Festival.