3D Architectural Modelers Needed on a Long Term Basis

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3D Architectural Modelers Needed on a Long Term Basis

Postby usarender » Fri Aug 17, 2007 6:06 pm

We are a group of global innovators who are developing the most technologically advanced, integrated and global platform ever. We are integrating into this joint development effort the most advanced scientists, inventors, researchers, technology experts, architects, engineers, and a multitude global experts in robotics, modeling, advanced software applications, telecommunications, network systems and artificial intelligence.

More information, including our mission and purpose and ways to work with us can be seen at --->>>


In this environment, the real world and the virtual world will exist in a new level of interaction and this is going to bring about the greatest revolution in technology, architecture, science, way of conducting business and interacting online that the world has seen!

We are in need of 3D architectural modelers willing to donate time, expertise, and participate with us in this project. You will gain world recognition, a participation in the project and also an eventual incredible economic return on your investment. Please contact us for more details.
(An initial investment of US$2.640 will be needed, as you will need to purchase third party software and equipment to start working with us on this global project. We will pay as new companies join and promote their businesses with us. The short-term investment will be offset by an incredible amount of work on a yearly basis, year after year as the project grows and gains momentum. You will have more work then you can handle and quickly get back your initial investment, plus make much money in the process - an un-ending source of income.) Please contact us only if you are willing to commit and help on this project and understand the potential of what we are offering. It is a project global in scale !

You don't need to be an expert architectural modeler to start. If you have basic knowledge of 3D modeling, and can send us some samples of your work, we can let you know which are the correct opportunities for you.

Work with us to build this and realize a phenomenal world project that will bring about a new era of human interaction, technological achievement, global connectivity and business opportunities.

We are at the dawn of a revolution in the making !

This is an astronomical opportunity to be a part of the movers and shakers who are making history !

"You don't imagine the power of dreams and imagination.

Our words carry magic and can transform the future.

Our thoughts, ideas, aspirations and inventions re-shape reality around us and transport us into an unimaginable future of advanced human interaction and endless possibilities of technological developments."

Before our eyes is emerging of a new generation of scientists, visionaries, world collaboration, global intelligence, freedom of creation and scientific exploration !

Welcome to the journey !


To create the world's most technologically advanced Global interconnectivity platform ever in existence that will be freely accessed by all but sponsored by a multitude of global corporate enterprises and individuals, leading to the introduction of new technological developments unseen, global innovation, and complete world technological integration under a unified matrix that will revolutionalize the way man sees, interacts and explores the physical and mental world we call the Universe.

The Plan

We have created a framework that is completely integrating the metaphysical virtual matrix with the current physical reality, and will enable a billion new technologies and technological companies to introduce new products, new services, new technological inventions and new systems of communication. It will enable man to mentally and physically project himself to any position in the universe within the matrix of the globally interconnected world. It will be an experience never seen before in any software, program or community in existence today. It has never before been possible. We now have the technology, the expertise, the ideas, the plan and the means to completely integrate the matrix with the physical dimension as we know it, thus allowing for an unheard of explosion in technological developments in architecture, science, communications, networking, robotics, and in a universe of related fields.

We now have the methods, the inventions, the platform, the vision, the means, the connectivity the strategy and the plan of action that is enabling us to codify the boundaries of our universe into an intelligent, breathing, living interactive experience. It will be the new liquid universe.

We are using new technologies and a development platform we have created and the details are being released only to serious partners in this global project. Become a part of this ! All can join!

Who We Are

We are the leading scientists, the architects, the inventors, the leading companies and individuals who have the vision, the capacity, the position, the expertise, the ideas, the union, the global connectivity, the opportunity of mass collaboration and integration.

We are not some little " software " . We are a global platform of technological innovation that is creating the framework for the greatest scientific, industrial, technological and architectural achievements of the century !

Who are we, in More Detail -->>

WHO WE ARE: More then words ! We are a Global Real Estate Development community, Real Estate Sales community, Building, Construction, real-life 3D world, 3D Businesses, 3D shopping, 3D friends, 3D networking, 3D marketing, 3D virtual sales, 3D virtual customer service, a true 3D virtual community for all types of business, buying, selling, city living in the third dimension, literally !

As a global community of real estate agents, developers, construction industry companies, artists, architects, engineers, scientists, software developers, robotics developers, communications developers, researchers, inventors, 3D modelers, 3D experts, animation specialists, architectural designers, environmental designers, interior designers, marketers, we have a global agenda to develop the world's completely free, technologically advanced, 3D Global Community.

In this environment we are creating, the real world and the virtual world will be on a new level of experience and this is going to bring about the greatest revolution in technology, architecture, science, way of conducting business and interacting online that the world has seen!

The world's first, unique, technologically advanced Interconnectivity Platform !

A World of Opportunity at Your Door.

Want more specific information ?

For those companies who wish to join this effort, we have a Global Plan of Action, a Global Strategy, A List of New Technological Developments and detailed descriptions of how this will work, all developed by our group and to be implemented by the Global Community of Scientists, Engineers and Technology experts for years to come.

There are thousands of technological developments, implications, and areas for new companies or individuals to develop products for this community, and to get started here and now. These involve complex areas such as robotics, communications, data exchange systems, video broadcasting, software development, low polygon 3D model development, among others. You or your firm can contribute in smaller scale efforts in field work and measurements, and many other areas - work for architects, designers, and all related professions, ( work and opportunities for real estate brokers, developers, investors, builders, photographers, 3D artists, marketers, those who work with publicity) and all members of other similar organizations who can join forces with us. There are many other areas that have space for participation.

This, as an open free interconnectivity platform, is open for all to participate, contribute, share information, make donations, and get involved in the greatest opportunity for multi discipline involvement in every aspect of it's global implications.

These new technologies we are developing will bring a new trillion dollar industry to the forefront. This is no small joke.

We are the shapers of this new reality.

Imagine, Your Company on a "billion servers and galaxies."

Would you like to help us re-shape the future ?

The choice is yours.

It is happening before your eyes, here and now.

The world will never be the same.
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Re: 3D Architectural Modelers Needed on a Long Term Basis

Postby usarender » Fri Aug 17, 2007 8:47 pm

usarender wrote:(An initial investment of US$2.640 will be needed, as you will need to purchase third party software and equipment to start working with us on this global project.

We also have another 3D modeling opportunity for an initial investment of US$995 to purchase the third party software needed. The work will be as described above.
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Details on 3D Modeling Work

Postby usarender » Wed Aug 22, 2007 2:30 pm

We will help you build your 3D modeling business and in turn you will be helping as well on the Project Liquid Universe !

An initial investment of US$990 is needed in third party equipment. You will not be purchasing the equipment from us. (You will purchase it from a third party provider.)

The initial investment will be offset by long term work for years to come.

Mr. Nelson

Project Liquid Universe
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Postby architect_team » Sun Sep 23, 2007 8:05 pm

Hello sir,
• We are an architecture team based IN EGYPT for architecture, Interior Designers, Home Designers, Architects, Landscapers, and Graphic Designers, 3d modeling, Rendering, Animators and CAD Drafters
• Having employed professional and practice architect and engineers.
• Since been founded we fulfilled lots of Clients requirements so, we would like to add your company’s name to our list of clients, to increase our cooperation with more Engineering & architectural Companies in the filed.
• We can offer an online support in 3d modeling, perspectives, animation, workshop drawing and project presentation.
• Our team gathers many professionals like designers, mechanical engineers, architects, CAD instructors, 3D MAX instructors, CorelDraw and Photoshop instructors…
• We are ready to take part in projects or competition with other architecture offices in all over the world.
• We are willing to accommodate your Engineering Drafting/Design needs without hiring an employee to cut your project cost down by approximately 35% or more. Just send us a message with brief description of your project requirements and we will provide you with a cost estimate.
• Services:
Architectural Drafting Assistance
Structural Drafting
3d Modeling, Animation, Walkthroughs
Presentation Drawings
Digitization of Blue Prints
Raster to Vector ( Converting Scanned Scrap Arts from Architects to CAD drawings) ( Cost per sheet)
Printing and Scanning at very low costs (Including Fed-ex charges)
Architects, Engineers can send us their rough sketches through e-mail in scanned image format and the same will be converted into CAD Drawings overnight.
Our entire work samples are available on our website.

We are looking to make a job venture or partnership with another architecture office worldwide.

Head Office:
14 abd el-khaleq Tarwat St. – LORAN
(Tharwat Trading Center) First Floor
Alexandria, 21411, Egypt
Email: - blocked -

Telephone: 0020106600234
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Postby hesh » Sun Dec 23, 2007 7:20 pm

i am interested in your job offer i have a strong experience with 3d modelling in architecture and product visualization..if your offer is still valid ,pls visit my website and contact me
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